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The stage of egocentricity in children

Being self-centered means that the person thinks only of himself and does not matter what others think or feel. But in the case of children it does not mean that it is egocentric (or selfish) simply that they are in an evolutionary stage in which they are the protagonists because they have not yet developed empathic thinking.
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Infant nutrition

Truths and lies about ice creams in children's diet

As soon as summer arrives, children go crazy thinking about ice creams, since the heat seems the ideal season to eat them; in fact, if we offer ice cream in winter we will be judged as parents and we will be faced with strange faces and threatening looks indicating that it is an inappropriate decision.
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10 tender and emotional phrases to dedicate to your rainbow baby

Suffering the loss of a baby is probably one of the most unimaginable pains that occur to me for a person, something that I do not wish for anything in the world to my worst enemy, because it is something unnatural. Those who have unfortunately had to go through that trance, have seen how their life has been clouded and only with the arrival of a new child, they have seen the sun rise.
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Biscuits - muffins

Pear sponge cake. Easy recipe with fruits for children

Have you ever tried a pear cake? We were looking for a light, easy to make cake that was delicious, and we came across this recipe. And it was a real surprise, because the ending was more than happy, it was very rich and exquisite. We have developed a very easy and quick recipe to make even with the participation of children.
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