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To Gloria Fuertes. A children's poem dedicated to the beloved poet

Gloria Fuertes is part of the childhood of several generations. His poems have in some way marked the lives of children of different ages and different parts of the world. For this reason, today the poet Marisa Alonso dedicates a beautiful poem for children entitled & 39; A Gloria Fuertes & 39 ;. Next, we have made a small compilation with some of the verses that are more fun and beautiful for the little ones in the house.
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This is the ideal context to enhance all the talent of children

Pedagogues, teachers, psychologists, coaches, we know that the context in which the person, the student or the athlete develops, largely determines their performance and the development of their abilities. The footballer Leo Messi, for example, surely would not be the same player if he were in another team that was not FC Barcelona, ​​that is to say in another context.
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Be mothers and fathers

Things that happen when your children grow up with their cousins

People often talk a lot about a child's relationship with their siblings or with their friends, but we often forget the value that cousins ​​have in the learning and development of our children.When a child grows up with their cousins, they establish a very close friendship. special and deep with them, so much so, that if parents take care of feeding and fostering it, it will last a lifetime.
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