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If you want to get pregnant, watch your gums

Today, many couples use the summer and vacation periods to achieve pregnancy. The days of rest in the chosen summer place are especially suitable to relax, promote union, release tension and increase the frequency of sexual relations to achieve the desired pregnancy.
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6 funny rhyming animal poems that will make kids laugh

There are few things more magical than children's laughter. Heals any wound from adults, right? These rhyming animal poems will make the little ones laugh because they present curious and spontaneous situations as themselves. The protagonists are the animals: a whale, a butterfly, a rabbit, a snail.
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Momo is back. The Halloween costume that terrifies children

Momo has become the nightmare of many children and of many parents who do not know what to do so that their children stop waking up with nightmares at night. Now, Momo is back, and this time in the form of the scariest Halloween costume for kids. And it is not for less, the shadow of the virtual monster is elongated, and it seems that it has come to stay, at least until October 31.
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Why am I going to give my son's teachers a Christmas present?

Christmas comes further each year, and with it the gifts: those made by the Magi, the invisible friends, the Christmas details to the teachers ... Here is the last point that the controversy arises. It's creating a WhatsApp group to see if the rest of the parents in your children's class want to give the teacher a gift before the Christmas holidays.
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Porting, advantages and benefits of carrying the baby in direct contact

Bringing the baby close is a wonderful experience that creates a feeling of protection and the beginning of a close relationship between children and parents. Being so close to the carrier (mother-father) transmits a lot of tranquility to babies, who feel safe and protected. Carrying systems for babies, such as scarves or baby carriers, favor a good position for the baby.
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Pregnancy stages

Week 3 of the baby in the mother's gut

Although we do not suspect it, since there has not even been the first absence of the period and you still do not know that your adventure of being a mother is about to begin, I would say that week 3 is great, since it is a wonderful event and most of the time long awaited: fertilization of the ovum. A three-week-old baby is already looking for a hole in his mother's belly!
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