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These are the study strategies for outgoing and cheerful children

They are explosive, devastating and totally charismatic. They catch for their story and expression, and they invade with joy and are capable of setting fire to a forest with a drop of water. That is the sanguine temperament or, what is the same, of extroverted and cheerful children, those who take us out of passivity and wake us up when not even the morning alarm is capable of doing it.
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How to calm pregnancy cravings in a healthy way - yes, you can!

Chocolates, pancakes with syrup, fruits with condensed milk, lemon ice cream, fritters, bright and delicious baked cakes. You crave? To many people it sure will, but I'm even more certain that pregnant women will say 'Mmm!' and their mouths will probably water. Cravings in pregnancy are the most common, and it is not bad to satisfy them, but you always have to do with a healthy conscience.
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When to go to an expert if the child has difficulty reading or writing

Reading is a habit that implies multiple benefits in the cognitive and emotional development of the child, helping him to know himself and the world around him, in addition to promoting the progress of his mental capacities such as: abstraction, memory, imagination or the language. Therefore, when parents consider that the child has more difficulty reading or writing than usual (it takes a long time to learn to read, reads very slowly, does not understand what he reads, etc.
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