22 fun dictations for kids. Easy spelling and grammar

22 fun dictations for kids. Easy spelling and grammar

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What is a dictation? It is a formula to improve children's spelling by reading a text aloud while the child writes it.

It is, today, the best exercise that children can do to set grammar rules or remember how to write some words. It is a very common practice in elementary school children as it helps them develop the writing skills necessary to advance their learning. But, what texts should we read to them? How long should they be doing dictations? How long should they be? On our site we clarify all these doubts and we also propose 22 fun dictations for kids, a way to practice spelling and grammar the easy way.

What are the benefits of dictations?

Improves the use of grammar in the child and helps him remember the correct spelling of words. It also helps you improve concentration by having to pay attention to what you are reading. And, above all, it is a great reinforcement because a good dictation happens because the child revises the text himself, comparing it with the original and detecting the errors, thus he will fix even more the correct spelling of the words.

How long should the dictations be?

It depends on the age of the child, if he is in first grade and has begun learning to write, it is advisable to do short dictations with a fun theme. Little by little we can make more complicated dictations and we can gradually encourage the child to self-correct.

How much time do children have to spend dictating?

The main thing is that you do not get bored, that it is not a time of tedious and boring homework. For this, it is preferable that you spend just 10 minutes doing and correcting a short dictation than having the child work for half an hour. Of course, it is preferable that it is a task that is performed frequently.

1- Juan wanted to go to school by bicycle but Gemma preferred to go for a walk with her friend.

2- The giant had a cat that he called Gonzalo and a giraffe that he scolded a lot because he ate all the aubergines in his garden.

3- Guillermo plays the guitar, while his wife waters the plants with a glass jug.

4- That jelly is so delicious that Jaime decided to indulge himself in eating the whole plate, he didn't leave anything for the rest of the people.

5- The little ant is so strong that she alone carries a peanut on her back so that her sisters can eat.

6- Once upon a time there was a bean so tall that nobody could see where the last leaf was.

7- The fairy Henar lay down on the grass to sunbathe and while looking at the sky a rocket saw it pass.

8- Hugo had saved so much money that his little piggy bank did not fit even a small bean.

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9- Bruno put on his swimsuit, took out his boat and rowed across the bay.

10- My grandfather closed the story of the "Mocking Owl" and gave me a good night kiss.

11- The donkey Bernardo wears such bright red boots and a blue scarf so beautiful that the other donkeys look at him with admiration.

12- Benito takes a bite of his sandwich and throws himself down the slide while Bruno plays ball.

13- It was summer and Victoria started a very long journey, flew by plane, then took a boat and later by train. In his journey through the air he contemplated the clouds, the seagulls and the green of the landscape on the ground.

14- Victor ran to close the window because the wind that morning raised a huge draft. Outside, violets grabbed their petals, wasps hid, and a brave cow kept hens' eggs from rolling and rolling.

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15- The lizard is crying.

The lizard is crying.

The lizard and the lizard with little white aprons.

They have inadvertently lost their wedding ring.

16- In my round face

I have eyes and a nose

and also a little mouth

to talk and to laugh.

With my eyes I see everything

with my nose I make achis,

with my mouth like how


17- There are caramel kisses,

sweet like a smile.

And there are kisses in a hurry,

that you have to catch them on the fly.

18- Among the curious stones

the squirrels are jumping,

next to the seashore

they have a great time.

The clouds from very high

they look at them with great envy,

they wish they could go down

and join the game some day.

20- A very foxy wolf next to a farmhouse

a girl has been found

and so he said:

- Look girl, come with me to my vineyard

and I will give you grapes and chestnuts.

And the girl replied:

- No, you're cheating on me.

21- On a beautiful summer morning, the eggs that mother Pata had hatched began to break, one by one. The ducklings came out little by little, filling the parents and their friends with happiness. They were so happy that they hardly noticed that one egg, the largest of all, still remained intact.

Everyone, even the newborn ducklings, turned their attention to the egg, to see when it would hatch. After a few minutes, the egg began to move, and then the beak, then the body, and the legs of the smiling duck could be seen. He was the largest, and to everyone's surprise, very different from the others. And since he was different, everyone started calling him the Ugly Duckling.

22- This ancient story begins with the death of the miller, an old man who lived with his three children, among whom he distributed his humble inheritance. For the oldest of the brothers he decided to leave the mill, for the middle one the donkey and for the youngest the cat that had kept the family so much company.

Not that it was a great inheritance, but the brothers seemed to agree, except for the youngest, who was so disappointed, for how was he going to make a living with a cat that could not even eat. But beware, cats are cunning and intelligent animals, and he even spoke, and when he saw his owner plunged into such misfortune, he got down to work.

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