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Quick cookie maria cake. Recipes for kids

Quick cookie maria cake. Recipes for kids

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The Maria cookies They are the typical breakfast that we remember from our childhood, the same one that we now serve to our children. Their flavor and texture make them a good option for children to eat for breakfast or for a school snack.

If you are looking for an easy recipe for a delicious dessert for Christmas or a children's birthday party, or another family celebration, this Maria cookie cake is perfect. In addition, it is very easy to prepare with the help of children. An economical recipe since it asks for ingredients that are very easy to find.


  • 1 package of Maria cookies
  • 170 ml. milk + 200 ml. (to dip the cookies)
  • 250 gr. chocolate to melt
  • 50 gr. butter or margarine
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • grated coconut, jelly beans or lacasitos to decorate (optional)

With a few simple steps you will get a great quick cookie maria cake that children will love. In addition, being very practical and fast, they can collaborate in its preparation, and spend an afternoon in the kitchen. Layers of cookies and chocolate, A combination they won't be able to resist!

1. In a saucepan, bring the milk to a boil, with the lemon rind and the cinnamon stick to give it flavor.

2. When the milk is hot, add the chocolate and lower the heat. Stir so that the ingredients are integrated, until the mixture thickens.

3. Add the butter or margarine cut into squares, and mix well until completely melted. If it is too thick, add some more milk.

4. In a deep plate, put the remaining milk. Dip the cookies, one by one, until they are soft. Cover the bottom of a bowl with cookies, arranging them to form a cookie layer.

5. On top of the first layer of cookies, put part of the chocolate to cover the cookies.

6. The process is repeated. Wet the cookies and arrange them as a new layer on top of the chocolate, as seen in the image:

7. Continue layering and layering, alternating the soaked cookies with the chocolate, successively.

8. Reserve part of the chocolate to cover the cake when it is finished, as shown in the image:

9. Once, covered with chocolate, you can decorate it however you want, with jelly beans, colored lacasitos and even with a little grated coconut.

10. Take the dish to the freezer or freezer to harden. Before serving, remove it about 15 minutes before the freezer.

Enjoy your meal!

Here you have other quick and easy recipes, and also proposals for birthday parties.

Children's birthdays, Christmas, or another family celebration arrives, and we don't always have time to make a cake for the party. But since there is no party without cake for children, we have prepared a few cake recipes, easy and made with cookies, and the best thing, that they do not need an oven and that can be prepared with the help of the children. Chocolate cakes, fruit ... with which children will lick their fingers.

1. Homemade bones
For those who do not know this cookie type 'waffle' or 'waffles', it is a bar made of cookies filled with chocolate cream and covered with dark chocolate. They are the most famous chocolates among the children of Spain. Click on the image below to see the entire recipe.

2. Cheesecake recipe or cheesecake without oven
We teach you how to make an easy, quick recipe for dessert, a snack or a special children's celebration. Traditional cheesecake or cheesecake with strawberry jam, and based on cookies. A simple recipe for which you will not need to take it to the oven. Click on the image below to see the full recipe.

3. Homemade Oreo cookie and cheese cake
A chocolate cake is always a guaranteed hit at children's birthday parties. But if the cake is on top of Oreo cookies with cheese, even better. We teach you how to make a simple cake, which does not need an oven or a professional pastry chef to make it. You can do it yourself and with the help of the children. Surprise your children with this cake. You just have to click on the image below to copy the recipe.

A very homemade recipe and an easy way to make a delicious dessert for Christmas or any other family celebration. Follow the step by step of this video of and you will be able to surprise your guests, children and the whole family.

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