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A mother listens excitedly to the donated heart of her son in another girl

Lukas came to the world in 2013. But only 7 months later died from the blows received by her babysitter's boyfriend. His mother, Heather, decided to donate her organs. The story does not end there. Lukas's heart kept beating. And a girl, Jordan, received it.

Three years later, Lukas' mother accepted the invitation of Jordan's mother, Esther. The goal was to thank you for donating your little one's heart. The result, an exciting meeting that teaches us how far a mother's love and heroism go.

The images speak for themselves. They don't need words. Only a respectful silence in that brief moment in which Lukas's mother, a year after her baby passed away, recognizes the beating of her heart in the chest of Jordan, a four-year-old girl. Excited, she puts her hand to her mouth and whispers a 'It's my heartbeat, it's Lukas's heartbeat' ...

The transplant, carried out at the Phoenix Children's Hospital (USA), was a complete success. Heather's baby saved Jordan's life, a little girl who was born with a congenital heart defect. Thanks to her heart, she is still alive. Thanks to his mother's kind gesture, he can continue playing, laughing and learning. So Heather is excited to remember Lukas. That is why he cries when he listens to his heartbeat. Your baby is still alive. He did so much without knowing it ...

The gesture of Lukas' mother, despite the tragic moment she was going through, saved the lives of three people. Lukas was only a baby when he passed away, but thanks to his organs, three children will be able to continue living.

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Video: Mom hears sons donated heart beat in little girl (September 2020).