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The 13 names for boys in Ecuador that have very cute diminutives

Ecuador! Known for being the center of the world and the origin of the tropics, it is one of the most versatile and beautiful regions in the world, with film landscapes and rich culture with years of tradition from the great indigenous empires to their modernization. All this history is captured in the baby names chosen by the parents, which leads us to ask ourselves: what are the names for boys from Ecuador that have the most beautiful diminutives? Let's see it!

As Ecuador is considered the navel of the world, it is common to find foreign-inspired names for boys, but also for girls. It is for this reason that it is considered the country in Latin America with the highest number of foreign names above the traditional ones of biblical origin. Did you know that the most common names for children in Ecuador are those of Irish, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Greek origin?

So we recommend that you take the time to read and enjoy these beautiful and attractive male names of Ecuadorian origin, with the plus of their own diminutives.

Let's see what are all these popular names in Ecuador that have the honor of having the most attractive diminutives.

1. Alexander
It is of Greek origin and is a variant of Alexander. Its meaning is 'He who protects' and it was very popularized by Alejando Magno or Alexander The Great, as he is known in English.

Its diminutives are: Alex or Xander.

2. Johan
Another very common name in Ecuador for children, in addition to being attractive and popular in Latin America. It has various origins, some say that it is Hebrew, others that it is Old German and also that it is Czech, but all agree that it is a variant of John. So it means 'He who is faithful to God'.

Its diminutives are: Jon or Joha.

3. Andrew
This lovely name for boys is of Greek origin. It comes from Andreas and means 'Manly', so it is a direct reference to the masculinity of men. It is considered one of the most popular names in this country and the favorite of many of today's parents.

Its diminutives are: Andresito, André or Andy.

4. Diego
Another of the most popular names for boys is Diego. Its origin is Greek and means 'One who has been instructed', so it is a beautiful reference to the power of knowledge. His name day is celebrated on September 6.

Its diminutives are: Die, Didi or Dieguito.

5. Kevin
Kevin is a name of Irish origin, in fact, it comes from Caoimhín. It is also one of the most popular in Ecuador, although it also maintains a touch of originality due to its origin. Its meaning is 'Of beautiful birth'.

Its diminutive is: Kev.

6. Anderson
This name is actually an original Scandinavian surname and means 'Son of Andrew'. However, with the passage of time and migration, this surname was adapted in other languages ​​and in Ecuador, for example, it is often used as a given name.

Its diminutive is: Ander.

As we mentioned, many of the baby names that are chosen today have foreign origin. These are some of the most used among newborns. Of course, we have also accompanied each of them by its diminutive.

7. Alan
This name has several origins, including German (Alun) and Latin (Alanus). Its meaning is 'He who possesses harmony and grace'. It is possible that you know more than one little one who is called that, since it is one of the most popular foreign names in Ecuador for children.

Its diminutive is: Al.

8. Dylan
Dylan is among the names that come from outside but are heard the most on the Ecuadorian streets. Its origin is Anglo-Saxon and means 'One who has momentum', making it a very fun and attractive option for children.

Its diminutive is: Dyl.

9. Christian
It is of Latin origin and means 'He who follows Christ'. At the time, it was a way of calling those who followed the teachings of Jesus or those who practiced his beliefs. So it is a name with a lot of history.

Its diminutive is: Chris.

10. Cristopher
It has a Greek origin, it is a variant of Christian and it means 'The bearer of Christ', so it is also a name with a very spiritual characteristic, although they are different from Christian.

Its diminutives are: Cristof, Cris, Tofi or Fer.

11. Erick
It is a proper name of German origin, as a variant of Frederick and means 'The one who rules forever', without a doubt a very elegant and inspirational choice of royalty for your little one.

Its diminutive is: Eri.

12. Ariel
A masculine name of Hebrew origin, but over time it has evolved and is now considered unisex. Its meaning is 'The Lion of God' and it is very common in Ecuador, although not as popular as the rest of the names of foreign origin.

Its diminutive is: Ari.

13. Jordan
This name comes from the Hebrew Yarden and this is its variant in English, while its variant in Spanish is Jordan. Its meaning is 'He who has offspring' and it has been one of the names with the greatest adaptation in different regions and languages.

Their diminutives are: Jordy, Jojo or Jay.

Which of these typical Ecuadorian names with their diminutives is your favorite?

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