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Amadeo's passion. Story that encourages children to pursue their dreams

Parents should encourage our children to try all kinds of activities, because only then can they discover what their true vocation is and what their secret talent is. The second step would be to give them the tools to make that dream come true. Many times, instead of leaning on us, they do so on their friends, as the protagonist of 'Amadeo's passion', a story that encourages children to pursue their dreams. Read this story to your children so they understand that they have to improve themselves every day and that there is nothing or no one that can stop them from doing what they are passionate about.

I did not know the musical notes, nor play any instrument, but when he listened to music, his heart warmed. His feet moved carrying the sound as if they had a life of their own, he clapped his hands in the air following the beat and, if he did not know the lyrics of the tunes, he would invent them and sing them to everyone.

One day his friend seeing the passion he had for music, He suggested that he go and play the orchestra of which he was a member.

- Just for testing! You are going to have so much fun! His friend said.

- But I'm going to make a fool of myself! Amadeo replied.

Even so, the next day he showed up at the agreed time at the indicated place.

- Hello! They all greeted smiling.

- What instrument would you like to play with? -They Asked.

Amadeo was thoughtful for a moment.

- The triangle! He said at last to everyone's surprise.

The conductor indicated when and how he should enter the scene, while Amadeo listened and nodded with great attention. When the violins, harps, basses, pianos, trumpets, and flutes began to play, Amadeo was transported to heaven. He saw himself from above playing the triangle as part of the orchestra and, that day, he achieved glory; he was always grateful to his friend.

After reading the story and having a fun time, parents must make sure that the children have listened, but have also understood the story. To find out if this has been the case, we suggest that you ask them some questions about this story below. And, in the event that some of them are not correct, you can retell the story or leave it for another time. Perhaps it was simply inattention from fatigue!

1. What is the name of the protagonist of this short story?

2. What is this child's passion?

3. What instrument does Amadeo play in the orchestra?

4. Who helped you achieve your dream?

Did your little one like this story and do you think it could help him? If you want to continue working with him on values ​​such as self-improvement, self-esteem and the importance of being around good friends, try reading these stories and fables that deal with these topics.

- The Oxford Gardener
What do we do when things don't go the way we planned? Many times we collapse or we consider ourselves defeated and, other times, as happens to the protagonist of this story, a setback causes us to find motivation and surpass ourselves. What if we follow their example?

- The lame foal
The fact of fighting for our dreams is closely related to our self-esteem. Many times we do not dare to pursue our goal because we believe that we are not worth it, this is a big mistake! Luckily that did not happen to this foal, who was born with three legs instead of four, but this circumstance did not prevent him from doing what he wanted in life.

- The Trampoline Toad
Not giving up is the key to achieving our dreams. It does not consist of trampling anyone or fighting for our dreams above anything else but of following the example of the Trampoline toad, who knew how to surpass himself to achieve his goal.

- The stone boy
To talk to children about the value of friendship and the need to be loyal, generous and empathetic with their friends, nothing better than the story of 'The boy and the stone', with which they will also learn to be supportive and respect to others.

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