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4 valuable learnings that the Fortnite video game offers children

He Fortnite video game It is here to stay, and there are many children in the world who cannot stop playing with it. If it were up to them, they would spend hours and hours every afternoon in front of the computer or with the control of the game console in hand. And it is that this video game generates a great addiction in the little ones.

However, if we know how to direct it correctly, we can also extract some very valuable lessons that children can apply in their day to day, both at home and at school.

I would like to insist that Fortnite has negative effects on children. However, if we manage to guide it correctly, one can also take advantage of this tool to generate training and advice to young people. It is always important to remember that children learn better if content can be linked to their own world.

Sometimes I like to remember those times when I was studying philosophy. One of those great teachers told me in relation to an ethical debate about what is good and bad the following:

'… Indeed all things are good, the problem is how we use them and that not everything has the same quality. It's like going to the supermarket and you have a long list of drink options. Indeed all of them are tasty, but obviously the quality between one or the other is going to be different. The best or the good drink is going to be the one that best conforms to the standards of a good fantasy liquid. Good or bad is the same. An option will be bad if the objective we are pursuing does not match what we expect from that option. '

What good is this comment to me? Easy. We can make good sense of the Fortnite video game if we not only understand its purpose, but if we give it a sense and background that allow to generate learning and positive skills for children.

I would like, therefore, to emphasize some skills that this game offers and that can be used to work on them in a subject.

1. Teach strategy
It is more than clear that this type of game invites you to challenge and develop a strategy to survive and win a game. Strategy itself is a superior skill that allows us to generate reflection at the highest level.

How much strategy is necessary when approaching a job in Social Sciences? Or generate an action plan to balance a study on Foreign Languages ​​with Biology? If we properly nurture this skill, we could empower something much better than simply winning a game.

2. Helps to develop children's creativity
If we talk about strategy, imagine what could be achieved with creativity. The other time I found out that a player managed to win the game without even firing his weapon. To achieve this goal, the person had to expand and create new movements that to this day have motivated them to observe and try to overcome their creativity. Just thinking about what happens if this skill is enhanced and transferring it to school is an incentive to continue believing in good training.

3. Encourage multi-generational conversation
Fortnite is an open game, that is, it is used by both a small child and a young university student, even from different parts of the world. This makes me remember those places where I could interact with different people from different countries, generating such remarkable learning and experience because they allowed me to know other realities. Once again, well managed this space allows us to open our knowledge about an other who lives in a different context from mine.

4. Stimulates teamwork
One of the graces of this game is being able to generate teams. How fundamental it is to use this tool to work a course community. It will be important and challenging to be able to use it to work those groups that cannot reach agreements in themselves.

There are other more advantages, but I would like to keep these more common ones. In the end, the challenge that Fornite invites us to is jointly occupy it as tool that allows us to develop in a good way the personality and skills of our children.

That, and I insist on this aspect, does not mean that we should pay attention to those factors that would make this space harmful to children. But that is another issue, and we must address it when we decide to look at this phenomenon from another prism.

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