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Childish story. The disobedient little turtle Ruby

Children can learn a lot about the world and about life from stories. And above all, they can learn essential values ​​to live as a family and with others. With that tale of The disobedient little turtle Ruby, children can learn about what can happen to someone for being disobedient. A story about the value of obedience and respect for parents and neighbor. tells us one of the most tender and sweet stories for your children:

It was once a little turtle calledRuby and that he lived with his mother and his two little turtle sisters. One day, the mother told Ruby to take care of her little sisters because she was going to the field in search of some fresh leaves to eat.

Ruby replied that yes, she would take care of her sisters. But in the distance, Ruby, the little turtle, heard music that she liked and put on a red blouse, a hat, a wide skirt and put on her heels to go dancing, because she said she liked that music that was dreaming.

When he got to the place where the music came from, he found that he lived there a dog His name was Franklin, who told her that he was very hungry and that she had not passed through a place where there was plenty of food.

She told him:

- Easy friend, I'm going to help you get food. When your owner starts eating, let me know.

So it was, when Mr. José was going to put a chicken thigh in his mouth, the little turtle Ruby came and bit his big toe. From the pain caused by the bite of the turtle, he immediately let go of the chicken thigh, the dog came and took him running to eat him away because he was very hungry.

Mr. José began to cry; His wife, Mrs. Maria, immediately asked him why he was yelling so much. He showed her the wound that the turtle had done and asked her to fill a large pot with water and put it on the stove to heat so that the turtle was put into the hot water so that he could eat it.

Then the dog arrived and heard that Mrs. Maria was looking for the little turtle because the water was already hot, but Franklin, the dog, knew that his friend the little turtle Ruby would be killed for having helped him get food.

He sniffed where the little turtle was under a bed and said:

- Sssssh ..., don't worry, when they go to bed I'll open the door for you to come out.

When it got dark the little tortoise Ruby came out and the dog said goodbye to her at the door.

The little turtle was unlucky because a man who was walking down the street saw her and put her in a sack, but since the dog saw that Ruby the little turtle was in danger, he ran very fast and bit the man on the buttock.

Then the man dropped the bag and the dog Franklin helped Ruby, the little turtle, out of the bag, when suddenly they saw that the mother of the little turtle came, calling her, along with her little sisters.

The little turtle Ruby, repentant, promised her mother that she would obey her, since she almost lost her life for disobeying her. And besides, he hadn't been so responsible leaving his little sisters alone.


(This story has been sent to us by Alcira Ruby Londoño Velez, Colombia).

1. How many sisters did Ruby the turtle have?

2. What did your mother ask you when she had to go out to get food?

3. What did Ruby the turtle do when she heard music in the distance?

4. Who was found at the entrance to a farm?

5. How did the little turtle get food for the dog?

6. What did Mr. José and Mrs. María want to do with the little turtle?

7. Who saved the little turtle from turning into a stew?

8. What have you learned from this story?

It is necessary to clarify that not always a disobedient child is because he wants. Sometimes they may not follow parental rules because they do not agree with them, feel they are unfair, or make no sense. Another thing is when children are disobedient out of rebellion, like 'I'm not moving from here', 'I will never'.

Parents must educate with limits, but they must also do so by setting limits to themselves. There are rules that are not changed for nothing, such as waking up early to go to school, brushing teeth when waking up, etc. However, there are others that can reach an agreement between parents and children.

Therefore, parents can correct the rebellious and disobedient behavior of children with these tips:

1. Do not get angry or yell at the child
What you are demanding of your child may be the right thing to do, but you lose your mind if you yell at him or get mad at him. Try to show him that you are not against him, that you love him, for example, is that you wash your hands before coming to eat at the table. Try to be nice but firm, without yelling.

2. Set immutable limits and rules
Children from a very young age should follow some rules that should not be changed in any way. For example, not spitting food, taking a bath, brushing teeth, picking up toys, doing homework ... These are rules that children should have very clear and that they must comply with, yes or yes.

3. Praise and reinforce good behavior
Instead of just focusing on the times when children are disobedient, don't forget to positively acknowledge when they obey, with praise and thanks. Example: 'Thank you for collecting your toys', 'How glad you are doing your homework alone' ...

4. Listen to your child. One empathy
Many times when we require children to follow a norm, we do not put ourselves in their place. They may not want to follow you because they feel like they could do what you ask them to do otherwise. Listening is respecting your right to have an opinion. Listen to your son carefully, he may be right.

5. Allow children to make their own choices
Aside from the discipline that children must follow, they must also have the right to choose. Create this space for your children too. That will strengthen their self-confidence, their self-esteem, and it will be easier for them to follow your rules. Example: If you are going to make a sponge cake, ask what flavor, if chocolate or banana; If you are going to tell him a bedtime story, ask him to choose the book he likes best, and so on ...

6. Don't control your child. Control the situation
When the child becomes rebellious and very reluctant to abide by a rule, do not fight him, do not fight a pitched battle, just try to control the situation. How? paying attention to something else, turning your back on the situation and coming back after a few minutes ... tell him that you will give him 5 minutes to think. It may be that this time is important for him to realize that you are very sure of what you are asking.

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