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This is how little the GTA video game can benefit children

The video game GTA, also known as Grand Theft Auto, is all the rage among children. Its violent and addictive nature makes many young people play with it every afternoon. In my opinion, it is not a good option for entertaining the little ones in the house. However, as something good can be obtained from everything, this time we are going to analyze some of the few benefits that GTA can offer our children.

This video game is about three characters who must grow up in the criminal world in Los Angeles. Each one has its respective history and, as you carry out missions, you increase skill, acquire new clothing and physical characteristics. The GTA game challenges you not only to a shooting mode but to car races, search for tools and the occasional sporting challenge, in the air or underwater. It really offers a wide range of challenges that makes it attractive and, at the same time, addictive.

Although some elements can be highlighted, this time I would like to start with some things that we must pay attention to and thus prevent the use of this same means of entertainment:

- The game Grand Theft Auto, itself, is violent and with clear adult content. I do not recommend at all that children play with it, because within the different stories there is aggressive and very offensive language, high sexual content including rape and cold-blooded murder.

- The story in general presents conflicts related to crime. In them, there is no moral end or work for the community.

- In itself, the aim of the game is to win at individualism and be a king of organized crime.

There are other elements, but I wanted to highlight these three so that are taken into account when giving away this video game or let the children play with it. For this reason, it is important to guide parents and young people about the true meaning of this video game.

In the same way, one can still see it from another perspective. Is interesting propose another point of view and take advantage of the noise of the game itself and, by connecting with the needs and values ​​of young people, propose some exercises within the game itself.

- For example, the video game GTA proposes different modes and, among them, we find the director mode. This allows modifying some of the characteristics of each stage of the video game. Between them is transformed into a children's song that has the goal of learn a specific subject.

- The various missions themselves propose to develop strategy skills and, at the same time, creative. This practice could help children in their studies, but also in their day to day life.

- For the training area, this game offers the various conflicts that may be present and that invite young people to reflect on the power of lies, the meaning of violence and the real need for the community to develop. That is, it delivers moral problems that, well addressed, they can generate interesting reflections in children.

In the end, the game challenges us to take two positions that I would call the following: the traditional educational mode and the hand in time mode.

The first deals with what we generally do in these contexts. We expose the negative and highlight the effects they can have if they continue to play that type of game. You can even generate a ban on it.

The other way is different, because it is to take advantage of this same noise to generate a real reflection of our actions and thus, effectively, to train. In this way, instead of encouraging a taste for the prohibitive, you take advantage of the morbid to generate an internal analysis that allows us to know how comprehensive I can become.

For that, the challenge will be not only to see the complete game, but be very attentive with the codes and elements that can be occupied for that purpose. Hopefully, for the education of our children, we can take the time to see effectively what their tastes are and what each of them is about.

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