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17 typical names for boys in Peru and their cutest diminutives

If you are looking for inspiration from names for boys that are full of culture, history and originality, then Peruvian names are the best option you can find. Sure you like them first, but when you meet their cute diminutives, you will definitely fall in love with them. Don't miss the best baby names! The most typical in Peru!

We began to explore the different names for boys with a list full of attractive and very popular ideas in the Peruvian country. Along with the name, in parentheses we have left you the most tender and most used diminutives with each of the options. You will love it!

1. Ricardo (Rick / Ricky / Ricardito)
This is a Germanic proper name and means 'Mighty King'. It is an excellent option for your child to be great from birth, thanks to his name!

2. Edgar (Edy / Eggy / Ed / Edgy)
One of the most popular male names in Peru. It is of Anglo-Saxon origin and its meaning is 'The defender of their lands with a spear'. This name has some lovely diminutives, right?

3. Manuel (Manu / Manuelito / Manolo)
This attractive masculine name has its origin in Hebrew and is the diminutive of the name Enmanuel, for which its meaning is 'God always accompanies us'.

4. Enrique: (Kike / Quique)
This is another name as frequent as it is attractive for children born in Peru. Its origin comes from the German Henrich and is a masculine proper name, its meaning is 'Head of the dwelling' or 'Head of the homeland'. Without a doubt, by using the diminutives, we bring an extra tenderness to this name.

5. July: (Jul / Juli)
This attractive and ethereal male name has a lot of history as it was a very popular name from ancient Rome. Its origin is Latin and it was used to name those born in the month of July, its meaning is 'Belonging to the Julia family'. It is also common in countries like Chile.

6. William: (Will / Willy)
It is a popular name for boys in Peru that has foreign inspiration. They come from the German Wilhelm and means 'One who decisively protects'.

7. Marcos: (Mark, Marco / Marquitos)
This is a proper masculine given name of Latin origin and has an Italian variant that is Marco. It means 'Regarding the God Mars', although it is also known as 'The hammer' because of its origin from Marcus and Marcellus. We love the diminutive Marco, it sounds so fancy!

The Quechua or Quichua language It is very special and admired in the Andean region of Peru, since it is one of the oldest linguistic derivatives in the region, coming from the Inca Empire itself and the one that has spread the most throughout Latin America, reaching to be spoken in the countries of Bolivia and Ecuador, in addition to some regions of Colombia and Argentina.

It is said that this became the official language of the Inca Empire and today it is considered that approximately 10 million people continue to speak this ancient language and maintain the tradition of naming their children inspired by this culture. Which usually have an inspiration from nature, mixed with some feature.

Do you want to know more? Well, check out these popular Quechua names for boys:

8. Samin
It means 'One who is fortunate and happy' and is one of the most popular Quechua boy names. Sam could be used as a diminutive, at the risk of being confused with the abbreviation of Samuel.

9. Antay
It is a Quechua masculine name and its meaning is' Copper 'or' With a coppery appearance.

10. Amaru
It is another very popular name in Peru with origin in Quechua. It refers to the ancient God of wisdom.

11. Chikan
A beautiful and attractive Quechua name for boys that means 'unique among all' definitely, a very original option.

12. Takiri
It is a Quechua masculine name a little sweeter and more lively, since its meaning is 'He who creates music and dances'.

13. Inka
A Quechua name inspired by the Inca Empire as a way of paying tribute to it. So its meaning is 'The Lord King'.

14. Ayar
It is a Quechua masculine name, whose meaning is 'Wild quinoa'.

15. Atiq
This name is a great representative of the Quechua culture. It is a graphic variant of Atik and means 'The victor'.

16. Kunturi
It is a very special and sacred name for the Quechua culture since it is a spiritual connection with their gods. It means 'Representative of the Gods' or 'The one sent by the ancestor spirits'.

17. Hakan
This name for boys, typical in Peru, means 'One who is bright and splendid'. Precious meaning!

What's your favorite name of these kid-friendly Peruvian options?

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