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Names that combine with Luna to form poetic compound names

Names that combine with Luna to form poetic compound names

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If you want a name that has personality, originality and simplicity but also fits in time, you have to see the list that we propose below. We propose you up to 27 names that match Luna, all of them perfect for your sweet girl. If you like compound names for girls, discover the meaning and origin of the following poetic combinations.

The name Luna for girls is a great option, if you still don't know what you are going to call your daughter. It is of Latin origin and means 'She who is as beautiful as the Moon', 'Beautiful as the moon' or 'As bright as moonlight'. Being a tribute to the beauty of our natural satellite, in which some women are reflected.

A curious fact about this name is that it is one of the few attractive names for girls that maintains its phonetic form and writing in most of the languages ​​and countries of the world. Therefore, it is possible to meet a woman named Luna in America, Europe or Africa.

This is because the name Moon refers directly to the natural satellite, whose original name is Luna. Although, the satellite has multiple variants in languages, such as moon (English) or mond (German), as a representative way of naming it, coming from the language.

We start with the list of compound names! Here are some names that have Luna in the first position

1. Moon Aurora
A very harmonious combination, don't you think? Aurora is a name of Latin origin and means 'Dawn'. It also has a Greek origin, which refers to the goddess of the dawn.

2. Blue Moon
This is a very original combination. It is a proper name of a woman of Persian origin and means 'The color of the sky'. Beautiful as none!

3. Luna Bella
Bella is of Latin origin and is often considered to be an adaptation of the French 'Bela' whose meaning is, as you can imagine, 'Beautiful or beautiful'. However, there are parents who use Bella as a shortened form of Isabella.

4. Celestial Moon
Without a doubt, this is an interesting combination, the origin of which comes from Latin. It is a feminine proper name, which has been used for many years although not in a massive way and means 'Belonging to heaven'.

5. Luna Celina
When looking for names that combine with Luna, we can not stop stopping at this. Celina is a reference to heaven in Latin, so she makes a pretty feminine proper name.

6. Luna Dayana
This powerful compound name is very attractive to many parents. Dayana is of Latin origin and has several meanings, the best known of which is 'Woman of bright or divine light'.

7. Luna Delphine
It is of French origin and is a variant of the Latin 'Delfina'. No, this name does not refer to our beloved sea animal, but rather means 'Woman from Delphi'. Did you know that Delphi is an ancient city in Greece?

8. Luna Elena
It is a beautiful Greek feminine proper name, meaning 'She who shines and shines'. How nice!

9. Emerald Moon
A beautiful combination of baby names, don't you think? Esmeralda comes from the Latin 'Smeragda' and means 'She who has hope'. Indeed, that is why green is related to hope.

10. Luna Felicia
Of Latin origin, it is a derivative of the masculine name Felix. Its meaning is actually a reference to good fortune. Surely with this name, your girl will be destined to have good luck throughout her life.

11. Luna Faina
This is a very original compound name for a girl, this name is of Greek origin and is a variant of 'Faeine' which means 'She who shines'.

12. Luna Ilana
This beautiful and original name is the masculine variant of Ilán, whose meaning is 'Tree' in Hebrew.

13. Luna Leticia
Leticia comes from the Latin 'Laetitia' whose meaning is 'Fertility' or 'Who brings joy and happiness' in its historical evolution. A name that combines with Luna that is beautiful!

14. Marine Moon
This is a compound name that conveys freshness. Of Latin origin, this name means 'Woman belonging to the sea' representing the ocean. Therefore, this name is ideal for all those babies who are going to be born in a coastal city.

15. Moon Mirana
This proper name for a woman is of Slavic origin and means 'Who brings prosperity'. Without a doubt a unique option, and more when we combine it with Luna.

16. Luna Nastasia
This attractive name is of Russian origin, a variant of the name Natalia since it comes from the Latin 'Natale domini' which refers to the Nativity.

17. Luna Sofia
This compound name is a combination that is becoming very popular. Sofia comes from the Greek and refers to wisdom, so its meaning is 'That endowed with good judgment'.

18. Serene Moon
All parents agree that this combination conveys great peace and harmony. The meaning of Serena is 'Peaceful and calm woman' and is of Latin origin.

And what compound names for girls come out when we put Luna's name in second place? Here we propose some more ideas.

19. Ada Luna
There is no exact origin of Ada's name, but it is said to be Hebrew and its meaning is 'She who possesses beauty'.

20. Barbara Luna
A strong and characterful name that is of Greek origin. Barbara means 'Foreign Woman', so it has an adventurous connotation. By putting it together with Luna, we create a sweeter name.

21. Diana Luna
Of Latin origin, it is a feminine proper name and means 'She who possesses clarity'. The ancient Roman goddess of hunting is also known by that name.

22. Eva Luna
One of the oldest names, it is an evolution of the original Hebrew 'Havva' and means 'She who brings life'. Impossible not to think of Isabel Allende's beautiful novel 'Eva Luna'.

23. Emma Luna
Emma is one of the most fashionable names of the moment. It is of German origin 'Ermin' and its meaning is 'She who is strong'.

24. Moon Flower
This is a harmonious and excellent combination. Of Latin origin, it is a proper name with the characteristic of referring to flowers in general.

25. Moonlight
Among the names that combine best with Luna, we find Luz. Also of Latin origin 'Lux', it is a feminine proper name and means 'She who carries divine light'.

26. My Moon
Mia is of Hebrew origin and is a diminutive of Maria or Miriam which is its original variant. Therefore, it shares meaning, that is, 'The one chosen by God'.

27. Sara Luna
This is a very beautiful combination of names to consider. Sara is of Hebrew origin and means 'Princess'.

An attractive, original and beautiful name that you can easily combine, what is your favorite?

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