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Children's tale of the life of the painter Velázquez. Biographies for children

Children's tale of the life of the painter Velázquez. Biographies for children

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The history of art is fascinating. The meaning of the paintings, the different artists and currents ... To make all art reach your children in a more attractive way, we propose the biography in the form of a children's story of different artists. On this occasion, we will talk about the life of one of the most important painters of the Spanish Baroque and the history of universal painting:Diego Velazquez! After reading the story, we suggest some activities to continue playing with the works of this painter. Do not miss it!

He was a very desired child, and when he was born, in Seville (Spain), his parents celebrated him in style with his closest friends, inviting wine, cakes and throwing coins out the window to the children. Maybe that's why, Diego grew up being an obedient, responsible child, disciplined, discreet, supportive and making his parents feel very proud of him.

As he grew up he showed his passion for paintingHe painted the walls, the floors, the tables, the stones, and he did it so well and with such precision that that's why his parents talked one night.

"Juan, we should send Diego to Pacheco's workshop," Jerónima said.

"You're right, besides being a friend, he's a great artist and Diego would be a good disciple," he answered his wife.

The next morning they called the boy and asked him:

- Diego, Would you like to go to Pacheco's workshop? He is a great artist, he will teach you to paint.

Diego's eyes lit up in response, and a few days later he was in Francisco's workshop, who was called Pacheco, very happy.

The teacher immediately realized that, in addition to being a good boy, Diego was a geniusThat is why she let him paint how much he wanted and educated him without cutting off his wings and creativity.

Teacher and disciple admired each other and forged a great friendship, that is why when Juana, Pacheco's daughter, and Diego fell in love, he was welcomed by that family as what he already was: a son.

At that time Diego became famous for his paintings and met other renowned painters such as Murillo and Zurbarán.

Francisco Pacheco, who was very well connected socially, introduced him to King Felipe IV, who asked him to do a portrait, and he liked it so much that named him a camera painter, the most important position to which a painter of the king can aspire.

Later he painted, among many others, the painting of The Lances or The Surrender of Breda and The Spinners, but his masterpiece, with which he achieved greater fame, was with the painting of Las Meninas, today in the Prado Museum, a portrait of the royal family, in which Diego painted himself by painting it, teaching everyone another point of view.

How interesting the life of the painter Diego Velázquez! As the also artist Manet called him, the painter of painters! His life can be a source of inspiration for your children, especially if they like to draw and paint as much as he does. To continue explaining to the children more about the artist, here are some activities we suggest. You can raise them as a family and have a great time all together.

1. Learn more about the life of this painter
To expand your knowledge, you can continue researching his life. To do this, you just have to open an encyclopedia (and incidentally teach children that, although we have the Internet, encyclopedias contain a lot of knowledge) or immerse yourself in the Internet. Try to answer these questions:

  • In what year and where was Diego Velázquez born?
  • What period does this time correspond to? (This question, which is more complicated, is intended only for older children.)
  • What is a self portrait?

2. Investigate the work of Diego Velázquez
Now that the children are already captivated by the life of this painter, it's time to get down to work and investigate more about his work. Find images of the most important paintings by Velázquez, show them to your child and ask questions like these: What do you see in this painting? What do you think the painter wanted to convey? What does it remind you of? What inspires you?

Some of the most beautiful paintings that you cannot miss are the ones mentioned in the story: Las hilanderas, Las Meninas, La surrender de Breda. But you can also look for others such as: Portrait of Pope Innocent X, Old Woman Frying Eggs or Crucified Christ.

3. Try to draw one of your pictures
We know that there is only one Diego Velázquez, but what do you think if you try to copy one of his paintings? You can take the painting that you like the most or perhaps a fragment of it, and paint! Surely you also find it precious.

4. Discover the lives of other historical figures
If you have seen that your son has been interested in learning about the life of the painter Velázquez, he will also love to read the biography of other historical figures from different fields. Here are some of them:

- Marie Curie
Marie Curie's life was not easy, because she had to find a place for herself in a world that, even today, seems to belong to men: science. With this story, your children will know a little better about their interesting life.

- Sebastián Covarrubias
His name may not sound familiar to you, but his role in the history of our language was essential. And it is considered that Sebastián Covarrubias was the creator of the first dictionary. Interesting!

- Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci was a fascinating character: painter, poet, inventor, humanist ... Invincible! If your children still don't know about his great legacy, don't miss his adapted biography.

- Valentina Tereshkova
She was the first woman to travel into space, so her life and triumph can be a great source of inspiration for all boys and girls.

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