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More than 17 magical names composed with Elena for the baby you expect

More than 17 magical names composed with Elena for the baby you expect

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Now that you know that the baby you are expecting is a girl, surely you can't help but think of the name for her. And it is that choosing the name for your daughter is one of the most exciting things there is. How about the idea of ​​your little girl wearing a compound name with Elena? We have prepared for you a very special list with several compound nicknames that begin or end with Elena. Read them aloud along with the surnames that your baby will carry and understand the meaning of each one well. The one that makes you smile the most will be the one!

Choosing a name for your baby is not easy. Parents have to like it and also look good with the surnames. If you like the proper name Elena, but your idea is that your daughter has a compound name, then check the list that we have prepared for you. We will start by looking at the meaning and origin of the nickname Elena and then its possible combinations also with their corresponding meanings. This way, you can make the perfect choice.

The proper name Elena, which can also be written Helena, has a Greek origin. Specifically, it takes the root of the term 'heléne' which means 'a shining torch or a brilliant and resplendent woman'. Although the meaning that is heard the most today is that of 'she who is loved, a woman who shines as much as the sun'.

Regarding their personality, it has always been said that women who carry this nickname are modest, but that in turn they want to show all their virtues, that is, they assert themselves above all to achieve their goals. They have a great capacity to achieve success. They know how to make their own decisions in any area and they are always by the side of their loved ones to give them love and peace.

Time to see the more beautiful combinations than with the nickname Elena!

It is about reading them slowly and understanding their origin and meaning. The clearer you have it, the easier it will be to find the right one for your daughter.

1. Elena Isabel
Isabel is a compound name for girls that comes from the Hebrew term 'Elizabeth'. Its meaning is 'God promises or God grants'.

2. Elena del Pilar
Pilar is a feminine name of Latin origin very common in many regions of Spain. It means 'a woman who is a support or pillar for her loved ones'. At the same time it has a religious meaning since Pilar is the name of the patron Virgin of Zaragoza.

3. Elena Cristina
The feminine name Cristina has a Greek root. Its meaning is 'she who is faithful to Christ or follower of Christ.' What is the most beautiful thing if you put it next to Elena?

4. Elena Mabel
The origin of the name Mabel is doubtful. There are experts who claim that it has a Hebrew root and others who say that its origin is in ancient Latin. In what they do seem to coincide is in the meaning: 'she who is the beloved of God'.

5. Elena Rita
Rita can be a proper name or the diminutive of Margarita. Its origin is Latin and its meaning 'person who has great beauty'. The name Margarita has the same origin as Rita and its meaning is 'beautiful pearl'.

6. Elena Gloria
Gloria is a biblical name as it is the last word spoken in religious songs. It comes to mean 'honor, splendor, fame and good reputation'.

7. Elena Irma
In her own name for girls Irma has become very fashionable in recent years. It is of Germanic origin and its meaning is: 'a woman who consecrates herself to God and who has great strength'.

8. Elena Rain
The compound name Elena Lluvia is modern and the most beautiful, don't you think? Lluvia is a feminine name of Spanish origin that takes its root from the noun 'rain'. It means 'water falling from the sky'.

9. Elena Esther
Esther is a feminine name that has its roots in ancient Hebrew, specifically it comes from the term 'myrtle' which means 'star that shines in heaven and on earth'.

It's time to see the list of compound names that end with Elena, if you have not found your favorite yet, you will surely find it here.

10. Laura Elena
Laura is a name of Latin origin. It comes from the term 'Laurus' (laurel) and its meaning is 'victorious woman crowned with laurel leaves'.

11. Beatriz Elena
The compound name Beatriz Elena is heard a lot lately, especially in various regions of Latin America. Beatriz is a proper name for girls of Latin origin that comes to mean "blessed woman who brings happiness to others."

12. Lidia Elena
Do you like the compound name Lidia Elena? It is beautiful, modern and very graceful. Lidia is of Greek origin and comes to mean 'woman who comes from Lydia' (it is a region of Central Asia).

13. Carmen Elena
The feminine name Carmen is of Hebrew origin. It means 'poem, music or song'. Do you like how it sounds next to Elena? This can be your choice!

14. Andrea Elena
The feminine proper name Andrea means 'one who is brave and full of beauty'. It has its origins in ancient Greek and combines wonderfully with the nickname Elena.

15. Maria Elena
María Elena is a classic compound name that does not go out of style. Mary is of Hebrew origin and means 'woman chosen by God'.

16. Luz Elena
The feminine proper name Luz is of Latin origin, specifically it comes from the terms 'lux and lucis'. Both mean 'that which gives clarity to the rest'. Did you know that in other cultures Luz is also a masculine name?

17. Sofia Elena
The feminine nickname Sofia is of Greek origin. Its meaning comes to say 'woman full of wisdom endowed with good judgment'. A curiosity. Sofia in English is spelled Sophia, exactly the same as in German.

Congratulations dear mom!

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