What is the tuning reflex while breastfeeding your baby

Has it happened to you that when your son sucks he wants to grab the tit and caress it? If this happens to you, let me tell you that you are not the only one, you should not feel worried! It happens to most women and has a name: baby's tuning reflex while breastfeeding. Do you want to know a little more about it: why it occurs and what does your little one want to convey to you with this gesture?

Just as many myths about breastfeeding are known, cases with problems when breastfeeding a baby have always come to light: inadequate grip, cracks, rejection of the breast ... But there are other situations that may not be known because Very little is said about them, either because they are not so frequent or simply because nobody has named them.

One of these themes is the tuning reflex, which is nothing more than the grip that the child makes to the opposite nipple that he is sucking, it is as if the little one tunes the nipple as if it were a radio; He kneads it, stretches it, caresses it, touches it and plays with it, nothing more!

It is something totally instinctive, the child performs it in order to stimulate the release of milk (ejection reflex) from that breast; Furthermore, not only that, but as the child grows, he stops using his mouth as the main organ to stimulate the outflow of milk, and uses his hands to achieve it.

On the other hand, contact with his mother is vital, it is a way of connecting with her by showing his affection, and it is totally natural; For this reason, breastfeeding specialists and counselors always convey that it is a totally normal behavior, that it is part of breastfeeding (not all do) and although many want to make it look like inappropriate behavior, it is not!

For some women it is annoying, since it is typical that while away from home the children try to look for her breast and put their hand through her blouse, but believe me it is not bad parenting or your son's craving, much less an act 'prohibited'. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable, you just have to let her know with the greatest tenderness in the world and using phrases such as' Honey, mom can't right now, we're on the street, in a public place 'or' Now mom gives you the tit, have patience because right now I can't. '

It is important that you understand that it is not done to annoy you, but that it is a normal part of the breastfeeding process. But it not only happens with the child who is breastfed, it also usually happens once they are weaned and, in this case, it is simply a means of connecting with their mother. There will be people who see it as a game, but he really needs it.

Imagine, if for many the mere fact of breastfeeding is an offense, what can they say in reference to this tuning reflex! It is sad that humans, being the most developed species in all respects, try to see this fact as something taboo, forgetting how tender, natural, beautiful and sincere that is the simple and simple act of a mother breastfeeding her baby or giving it what you need, skin-to-skin contact with the person who brought you into this world and who gave you life.

Definitely, I think you can't go against nature and maternal instinct. If only we let ourselves be carried away by it, we would understand much more that a mother's breast is not only synonymous with breast milk, it is much more than that: it is pure love!

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