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Nadia's story. Story for children who do not believe in themselves

In addition to learning values ​​or knowing how to distinguish what behaviors to avoid, stories can teach us to love ourselves. Sometimes, just because they are small, we take it for granted that our children have high self-esteem. However it is not always so. Therefore, here we suggest you read with them 'Nadia's story'. It is a story dedicated to children who do not believe in themselves And they need to start doing it!

Nadia already knew that life was not going to be easy. Her sisters were slim and graceful, and the whole family was always highlighting her virtues. Everything they did turned out to be wonderful in the eyes of the elders. 'How well Clotilde plays the piano!' 'What extraordinary drawings Margarita paints!' Was what was heard at home.

However, Nadia was chubby and shySo much so that if they forced her to speak she would end up stuttering and then what was heard was: 'This girl doesn't even know how to speak.' But the worst thing was not being different, it was that nobody ever told him that he had done something well. 'I really don't know how to do anything?' The little girl constantly asked herself.

At first, she was always scolded for doing things wrong. 'You were wrong', 'That is not done like that'. But little by little the tone was rising: 'Fatal!', 'Look, you are big hands and break everything you touch'. Until the day came when he heard the definitive phrase: 'You don't know how to do anything, you are worth nothing.' Since then silence and tears settled on Nadia's heart.

However, one night, while crying on his pillow, he heard a distant little voice. Nadia immediately recognized her as her grandmother and after a long time she smiled for the first time. Since then, every night, Nadia spoke with the spirit of her grandmother, who repeated over and over again that one day he would discover his talent, his gift. 'If you believe in yourself, you can do everything you set your mind to well,' was now the phrase that always rang in his head.

Over time, Nadia became a famous cook thanks to what had been her grandmother's recipes. But what really made him happy was the time to go to bed every day and remember all the things he had done well that day. After reviewing them, he smiled at the spirit of his grandmother and acknowledged aloud that she did know how to do things well.

In we have other stories that seek to help children with low self-esteem or who do not trust themselves. If it is the case of your son or daughter, we suggest that you read these stories with him. All of them will serve you to reflect and to learn an important lesson: we have to learn to love ourselves!

1. The lame foal
This is a beautiful story by the children's writer Marisa Alonso in which we are introduced to Foaly, a little horse that was born with three legs. Although many told him that he would not be able to play with the rest of the foals, he showed that he could achieve anything he set his mind to. Do not miss this beautiful story of overcoming.

2. I like how I am
This is a story that invites children to accept and love themselves as they are, with their peculiarities, with their differences, with their virtues and with their defects. It tells the story of Ezequiel, a boy with hair so white with snow.

3. 'Cloud and lightning'
There are some children who are continually comparing themselves to others around them, which makes them tremendously unhappy. With stories like this, children can learn to love themselves and trust that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

4. Pincho and Boni
If your child does not trust himself, if his insecurities make him suffer, if he cannot learn to love himself, here is this story starring the twins Pincho and Boni, two bunnies who learn a valuable lesson.

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