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31 popular sayings kids should know before they get older

For the teaching of the little ones we must always look for alternatives that are both educational and fun. In this way, children will not get bored with the lessons, but will learn everything that is offered and more importantly, they will be able to put it into practice in their future. The sayings o popular sayings They are a great option to make learning entertaining, since you can teach valuable life lessons to the little ones in the house in a simple way that they can understand. Therefore, we have compiled some of the proverbs that you should know as soon as possible.

The simpler the teaching, the better the learning. And more if we use dynamic techniques that children can relate to something else. For this reason, popular sayings and sayings are ideal to reinforce early childhood education or as a way to exemplify an action that is right, as well as to explain something they have done wrong. Well the lessons never change regardless of the passage of time.

First of all, we have made a small list with some sayings that are very popular in different countries of the world.

1. The liar is caught before the lame
A very good way of telling us that liars are always discovered and therefore not to lie. This proverb will teach your child that you always have to go with the truth ahead.

2. He who has a mouth is wrong
A valuable lesson that we should not be afraid to express our opinions, even if we are wrong. And, if we have a mouth, we can be wrong! The really important thing is to learn from mistakes.

3. When hungry, there is no stale bread
A saying that teaches us to value what we have on our table. And it is that children have to learn to appreciate the little things that are given to us or that we get, even if their size is small.

4. Prevention is better than cure 'or' Prevention is better than regret
Teach your child the importance of always thinking before doing something that could hurt someone or himself.

5. Dress me slowly because I'm in a hurry
With this saying you teach your child that, by doing things quickly, they may make more mistakes than doing them calmly. Sometimes it's worth stopping and taking a breather, right? How clever are the sayings!

Popular sayings also talk about responsibilities and chores. Below we have compiled some of them that invite children to be responsible.

6. If the mountain does not come to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain
This popular saying can encourage your child to pursue the things they want to achieve. And is that when we want something we have to go for them.

7. Great evils, great remedies
A great teaching on fixing the things we have done wrong.

8. By asking, you get to Rome
A funny saying that teaches us that the best way to have answers to our doubts is by asking.

9. In bad weather, good face
This saying teaches us that no matter the obstacles, we must not give up. And, no matter how much it rains, the rainbow will always end up coming out.

10. First is the obligation that devotion
To teach your children that you must first fulfill obligations before receiving any reward.

How important it is to have good friends! Below we have collected some proverbs or sayings related to friendship. They are said that children will hear throughout their lives as they are widely used in all parts of the world. And they can even teach them to others!

11. You have to give to receive
This saying about friendship teaches that before expecting something from someone, we must first be courteous.

12. Friendship for interest, does not last a single month
It is a good way to teach children to be careful or to explain about friendships that are not true.

13. Dog that barks does not bite
A fun way to tell our kids that sometimes people are not what they appear to be, especially the tough ones. If possible, give your child an example from someone you know to better understand the lesson.

14. A gift horse does not look at the tooth
Another fun way to teach our children, but this time to appreciate the gifts that others give, no matter what they are.

15. Friendships that are true, keep doors open
This popular saying teaches us that true friends are always in good times and bad.

And among the most curious proverbs or sayings we find some like these:

16. He who covers a lot little squeezes
A saying that explains to children that it is better to do few things correctly to avoid stress. Also, when you do a few things, you do better than when you try to do many at the same time. A very valuable lesson!

17. To foolish words, deaf ears
This saying teaches us to ignore the words that hurt us, even the ones we say to others. This teaching can be put into practice by all children (and adults) because at some point or another we have all suffered a joke.

18. To what is done, chest
Assume the consequences of what has been done, is what this popular saying teaches.

19. From said to fact there is a stretch
This saying is to teach that people are constantly changing their minds.

20. Never say of this water I will not drink
This is an important lesson about not judging something or someone, because the same can be experienced. In addition, life can take so many turns that this saying explains that you can always do or experience what you never imagined you were going to do.

Self-esteem and self-confidence is one of the issues that we must work with the most with children. And a fun and different way to do it is through popular sayings or sayings.

21. Faith moves mountains
A beautiful saying that teaches us to never give up.

22. Missed opportunity does not come back in life
This saying can help your child when he is undecided about something he wants to do. We must take advantage of the opportunities that are thrown our way because they might not appear again.

23. Whoever sleeps a lot learns little
This saying helps us to motivate children that if they want to do something, they must prepare very well to achieve it

24. He who does not run, flies
Another excellent saying to motivate our children not to lose their enthusiasm for new opportunities, or to stop looking for them. In addition, it will encourage you to react quickly because if not, someone else could overtake you.

25. Although mona dresses in silk, mona stays
Although it is cataloged with an offensive saying, it is also a good way to teach our children to always be themselves instead of pretending otherwise.

And finally, we have compiled a list of famous sayings and quotes that are related to nature. And it is that the environment can teach us a lot.

26. If I knew that the world ends tomorrow, I, still today, would plant a tree
A valuable quote from Martin Luther King that motivates us to take care of the environment, regardless of the future

27. Poison the river, and it will poison you
A harsh saying that teaches us to take care of water as it is our source of life.

28. Little is enough for nature, but man is not fed up
A saying that speaks of how simple nature is, but the incessant greed of man

29. Plant a tree and you will be sowing awareness
An excellent saying to motivate our children to be part of environmental care and invite others around them.

30. If you serve nature, she will serve you
From the philosopher Confucius, this saying leaves us with the valuable teaching that if we take care and appreciate nature, it will reward us.

31. Crazy fever, windy March, rainy April, bring out flowery and beautiful May
Sayings also teach us a lot about how nature works. And they are based on popular wisdom and the passing of the years.

Teach these sayings to your children!

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