We have forgotten to educate children in the value of patience

Lately we are getting used to seeing situations where children need immediate answers and solutions to problems that are presented to them. As with many adults, the little ones demand reactions the moment they ask for something. It seems that we have forgotten that we must educate children in the value of patience, but it is that we ourselves are increasingly impatient as well.

Perhaps it is because of the hurry with which we families are living now, perhaps it is because of the influence we have from all social networks at this time, perhaps because we live in a moment of absolute immediacy that we are not able to manage or perhaps because of a mixture of all of the above. But the truth is that this does that we are losing a fundamental value in our children such as patience. Understood as the ability to wait in calm and tranquility.

It is very common, as I have said before, to see children who, practically even before crying, are already being caught by their parents, or to see situations where We try to fix problems even before they appear. In most cases, we do not let children get bored, it seems that we have to continually attend to them and entertain or calm them.

It is very common to be in the pediatrician's doctor's room and very few children are the ones who are quietly waiting, showing their patience, the normal thing is with the tablet with the mother or father's mobile or disturbing those who are next to them . But the same thing happens to parents: we don't know how to wait patiently. You only have to glance at a bus stop or a subway car to realize that most people will be looking at their phones.

From the pedagogical point of view we understand that patience is a fundamental value that we must cultivate, for the following reasons:

- Teaches them to achieve success without haste.

- They are more aware of the process and work on the search for alternatives.

- Encourages children to learn to use resources better.

- It favors your full attention and not the immediacy in quick answers, but not always correct.

- It is a good conflict solver.

- It is also a good capacity for good emotional management.

- Like everything in this life, we are what we train.

Once we are clear that patience is something that we must work more often with children, here are some strategies to encourage patience with the little ones in the house:

1. Set a good example
If you are the first to get irritated and angry when you have to wait in line, your children will have the same reaction as you. We must be aware that we are guides and role models and that, although it may not seem like it, our children are always watching us.

2. Read stories that address this topic
The stories are a good tool for children to understand some concepts, such as patience. For this reason, we encourage you to read different stories in which the characters have to face a situation that puts their ability to remain calm when waiting, for example, to the limit. The story 'The patience of the taichi ant' talks about all this.

3. Teach children to understand frustration
When children want an immediate answer but take longer to get it, they become frustrated. This is a normal feeling, we all feel it at one time or another, however, children still do not have the necessary tools to know how to manage it. That is why parents should talk to children about what frustration is, even point it out when they are feeling frustrated so that they know how to recognize it. It is the first step for children to learn what to do.

4. Teach children to wait in their day to day
If you're washing the dishes and your kids need you to hand them a stuffed animal from the shelf, ask them to wait a moment. If you are talking on the phone and the little ones want to tell you something, ask them with respect and affection if they can wait for that call to end. Little by little, you will work on patience.

Just as we have to work patience with children, many adults could do well to take note of these tips!

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Video: Patience is the name of Parenting. Ravi Shankar. TEDxSonaCollege (September 2020).