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Day of Saint Lawrence, August 10. Names for boys

Lorenzo is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'crowned with laurel'. It is a name that can be perfect for your child for the touch of dignity and height that it brings. Although it is not one of the most frequent names for boys, Lorenzo is very familiar and its use is not strange, being one of those names that are being revitalized in recent times. Celebrate your name day on August 10, which is the day of San Lorenzo.

All parents whose children are named Lorenzo celebrate August 10 in style. And this is the date on which the Day of Santo Lorenzo is celebrated. San Lorenzo was one of the best known Roman deacons, in charge of the administration of the Church's assets. His name day is celebrated on this day because it was on August 10, 258, when he was martyred on a grill in the Italian city.

That is why always he is represented carrying a grill and dressed as a deacon, that is, wearing a dalmatic. He is considered the patron of librarians, but also of cooks, tanners, students, and miners. He is a saint who awakens great devotion in Catholics from many corners of the world, hence many parents from very different backgrounds have chosen him as the name for their children.

On August 10, different processions and religious events are held in cities around the world. Very special are the celebrations that take place in a municipality of the Community of Madrid (Spain) that bears the name San Lorenzo del Escorial. There a large grill-shaped monastery is built in his honor that contains very important relics that attract thousands of people each year.

This is not the only Saint Lawrence that we find in the saints, although his name day is the most celebrated. On July 21, the day of San Lorenzo de Brindisi is celebrated; September 28 is the day of the martyr San Lorenzo Ruiz; on February 2 the festival is that of San Lorenzo de Canterbury; while on January 8, that of Bishop San Lorenzo Giustiniani.

If we are talking about the saints, we cannot fail to offer you a small summary with some of the most important onomastic dates of the month of August. This is a small sample of the name saints that are celebrated in the days following Santo Lorenzo.

  • August 11, Santa Clara
  • August 15, Day of the Virgin of the Assumption
  • August 18, Santa Elena
  • August 19, St. Louis
  • August 23, Santa Rosa
  • August 25, Santa Patricia
  • August 27, Santa Monica
  • August 31, San Ramón

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Have you ever been lucky enough to see the tears of Saint Lawrence? They are quite a spectacle that nature offers us! The Perseids, as they are also known, are a fascinating meteor shower that takes place around August 10, the day of Saint Lawrence. Every year we can witness this beautiful event because the Earth passes through an area of ​​space in which there are different particles of dust, which ends up looking like a lovely meteor shower.

To enjoy this rain of stars, the ideal is to get away from the cities, since the light pollution of these will prevent us from appreciating the shooting stars in detail. May the tears of San Lorenzo not escape you this year! They are magical nights in which many wishes can be made.

You may know a boy named Lorenzo, butDo you know someone whose name is Lorenzo? An example of this is the Spanish motorcycle racer Jorge Lorenzo. For this reason, all those families whose surname is Lorenzo should avoid choosing it as a name for the little ones who are born. It would be a bit strange!

Those who are called Lorenzo are famous characters like the American actor Lorenzo Lamas. We also meet the prestigious fashion designer Lorenzo Caprile, who has dressed Queen Letizia or the writer Lorenzo Silva on numerous occasions. We cannot forget the Danish film director Lars von Trier or the legendary British archaeologist Lawrence of Arabia.

On the other hand, you may have ever heard someone refer to the sun by the name of Lorenzo ('How squeezing Lorenzo!') And the moon like Catalina. Do you know why these names are used? In the case of the sun, it is done in commemoration of the martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, which, as we have told you before, was burned on the grill on a warm day. In the same way, the moon is called Catalina because this saint perished when her skin was torn off with a moon-shaped toothed wheel.

The name Lorenzo is known around the world thanks to the Latin tradition. If in the Hispanic sphere it is a name that lost strength for a few decades, the same did not happen with other variants of the name such as the French Laurent, the English Lawrence (Laurence or Larry) or the German Lars, which remain fully topical. Due to this foreign influx, Lorenzo is regaining the relevance he deserves.

In Catalan Lorenzo is Llorenç; in Slovak, Lovrenc; in Italian Laurenzio; in Norwegian, Lars; in Portuguese, Lourenço; in Romanian, Laurentiu; etc.

As you well know, the feminine version of this name is Lorenza. It may not sound like much to you, since it is a less frequent name than Lorenzo. Among the most common nicknames or diminutives used to call children who bear this name friendly, we find Loren as the most frequent, although there are those who use the name Enzo.

Those who trust numerology explain that all people who are under the influence of the same number have some traits in common. This number depends on the number given to each of the letters in your name. And in the case of Lorenzo, this number is 6.

If we stick to numerology, we will have that the babies who carry this number are characterized by be very sensitive. They give a lot of love, but they also need a lot of love to grow up happy. Another of the traits that stands out the most in his way of being is his great empathy. As they grow, they are surprised by their clear vocation to help others in whatever they need.

On the other side of the scale, it should be noted that Lorenzos are usually somewhat dependent on their parents, but also from his friends. Hence, the need to educate them in autonomy since they are small.

Have you decided that your baby is called Lorenzo? Don't forget to congratulate you every August 10, on the Day of Santo Lorenzo!

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