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What the Montessori method advises for children to sleep well

What the Montessori method advises for children to sleep well

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María Montessori was a teacher, psychologist, pedagogue and a lot of other things that you probably already know. This time, in we want to give you the keys that the Montessori method helps children sleep better, both at night and during naps. These small changes promote children's sleep and rest. Do not lose detail that will surely be of great use to you.

María Montessori had the flag of educating independent children who knew how to function independently in their day-to-day lives. This autonomy must begin to work as soon as the baby first arrives in this world. How? You may wonder, very simple, getting him to sleep on his own and do it like a charm. Did you know that María Montessori did not like cribs as we know them today? She associated the bars of a crib with the lack of freedom, something that clashed with the philosophy that she defended.

Let's see point by point how we can prepare the children's environment so that they sleep more and better and do so in an independent and pleasant way.

1. Prepare a small bed for your little one

If you want to follow the Montessori technique to ensure that the time of sleep is as satisfactory as possible for the little one and also for his parents, the first of all is to put a low bed in the baby's or child's room. In this way, the little you can comfortably access it when you feel like it to rest and get up when you have had what you need.

The fact that it is a low bed without bars does not mean that it is not safe, on the contrary, since it is at ground level there will be no problem with the child reaching the ground on their own feet. Remember that when it comes to babies, no stuffed animal, cushion or pillow should be placed on the bed.

Another option is put the mattress directly on the floor or on a rug to give warmth, it is ideal for babies who are just starting to crawl as they can get on and off their bed at will. The room must also be safe and not have dangerous objects around, think that when the little one gets up from his bed he will want to move freely around the room. For children who are three years old, you can put books or toys next to the bed for them to explore as much as they want.

2. Choose a room in neutral tones

The color of the baby's room is another of the Montessori keys for children to sleep better. Avoid bright or strident colors as they interfere with sleep. The right thing to do is to paint the walls in neutral tones such as soft gray or white. They are nude colors that transmit peace and calm to the little one and invites them to rest, leaving aside any overstimulation.

3. Put a mirror in the room

As we have said with toys and books, putting a long mirror in the child's room encourages movement and creativity. Of course, it must be located on a wall where the child can see himself but without any danger. If you are not entirely convinced to put the mirror in your room, you can put it in the living room so that you can be present too.

4. Routine is also important

The sleep routine is what makes children sleep better, it is something that gives them security because they can anticipate events. To follow the Montessori method of sleep, the little one must be allowed to sleep and wake up when he feels the need, but at the same time create a routine to give rise to that need. For example, read a story after lunch or dinner, lower the intensity of the game, rest on the sofa or listen to some relaxing musical notes. Guidelines that give the best results if done every day at about the same time.

5. Avoid noise as much as possible

It is as important to prepare a cozy environment with a low bed and neutral colors as it is to avoid noise. In this way, children will associate that calm environment with the time of rest, and therefore, of sleep. On the other hand, if it is the nap after eating, it is advisable for the baby to learn to sleep with the usual noises of the house. Did you know that the absence of noise is what works best to avoid nightmares?

And finally, we can only tell you that you follow the method you follow to make your child sleep better, what really matters is that you act as a guide for the child, that you respect their rhythms and that you always do it from unconditional love.

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