Lifelong rope games for today's kids

Have you ever played rope? I bet you did, or at least you tried. These traditional rope games, where you had to jump by yourself or go to the beat of your companions who drove it, it used to be one of the favorite entertainments of children. However, little by little, the time to play with ropes has been reduced, and children now invest more time in technological games.

However, it is an activity that is worth rescuing parents, since it has many physical and emotional benefits. Here are some lifelong rope games that today's children will also like and we talk about the advantages of this children's game.

1. Individual or group jumps
The most typical way of jumping rope or skipping rope, which can be done individually or with two more friends who hold the rope by the ends and make it go up and down while the third person is jumping and trying to keep up. .

Many children and young people have even devised interesting routines or tricks that can be achieved in these jumps, but to get to this point it is always necessary that, as parents, they promote safety to avoid accidents or serious injuries. It is always better for children to play under supervision.

2. Double jump game
This activity is a bit more complicated but just as fun that your kids can develop over time (and with lots and lots of practice). The game consists in that two people are also at both ends, but this time they handle two ropes, exchanging them between them in perfect synchrony so that they do not get tangled, while the other person (and even up to two or three people) remains jumping with both feet steadily and quickly between the ropes so as not to trip over them.

3. Limbo game
This is traditionally done with a stick, but you can also be creative and instead use a rope, held by two people at the ends while several people go by leaning their torso back under the rope, which as the game progresses It goes down until the person can no longer lean his trunk or falls to the ground. As we always say, children must be supervised while they play! This way we will avoid scares.

4. Rope pull game
This game is super fun, but it takes strength and stamina to pull it off. It is based on creating two teams with the same number of participants and an imaginary center is marked between them (although you have surely seen them made of mud, earth, water, etc.). The point of the game is to pull or pull the rope in the opposite direction to that of your team to make the opposing group weaken and fall in the center, winning the team that manages to stay standing. To avoid burns to your hands, it is best to use a soft touch rope or wear gloves.

5. Continuous jumping games
This is a game that should be played with caution, but once mastered, it helps a lot in the motor development and mental agility of your little ones. It consists of placing the rope a few centimeters from the ground so that the child can jump it and go up it little by little until reaching a limit height to jump that is not dangerous.

In addition to being fun, all these children's games have great benefits for children. These are some of the main ones.

- Improves physical condition
This benefit is undeniable since we can visualize it with the passage of time and the more it is practiced, thanks to the fact that the whole body is in motion. Which helps a lot for your little ones to stay healthy in an entertaining way, improve their circulation, strengthen muscles and prevent future diseases or problems such as childhood obesity.

- Helps psychomotor skills
To maintain rhythm and continuity in jumps without tripping over the rope, it is necessary to have a good level of concentration, spatial sense, balance, and motor coordination. Skills that are developed in childhood and that we generally use automatically later.

However, there are children who have difficulty coordinating their limbs correctly or are a little slower in this than other children, since there is no 'good communication' between the brain and the limbs, so a good way to correcting it and training to strengthen it is by playing rope, first slowly and shortly by themselves and then they can dare to more complex games with friends.

- Cultivate new relationships
Whether it is healthy and fun competitions between friends to see 'Who lasts longer' or to share the rope with them, jumping rope can be an excellent vehicle to create new relationships with other children, lose the fear of the new and acquire a taste for outdoor games and thus improve their social skills. You can even help strengthen parent-child relationships by playing these games together.

Go back to the old school and share these fun games with your kids.

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