The 6 foods that speed up the delivery of a pregnant woman

The 6 foods that speed up the delivery of a pregnant woman

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There are some foods that are presumed capable of accelerating the labor process, although scientific studies have not observed a significant relationship between their consumption and the appearance or increase of labor symptoms, but they could exert a driving effect when delivery is imminent. Do you want to know what are those six foods that accelerate the delivery of a pregnant woman?

The entry into the last trimester of pregnancy supposes for women an unequivocal approach to the reality of motherhood, the culmination of that utopia, and above all, to the fears of childbirth. As the weeks pass, feelings of doubt surface in most of the women.

Likewise, concern about the time of delivery makes its appearance, and, although the fear of pain and contractions are usually generalized, there is a feeling of anxiety caused by the uncertainty of the event. When will it be born? The need to be prepared and the desire to meet the baby have demonstrated, for generations, the use of certain techniques to speed up or induce labor that, in general, lack scientific validity, but have been used for centuries.

The reality is that there is no food that induces labor, but the most recent research in this field suggests that, under normal conditions of full-term pregnancies, there is a relationship between the maturity of the fetal lungs and the secretion of hormones responsible for triggering labor.

Even so, there are women who include these foods in their daily menu because of the properties they can have. Sign up too to put them in your shopping cart!

1. Fresh pineapple it contains an enzyme known as bromelain. In some studies, this enzyme has shown maturation effects on the cervix, in addition to stimulating the production of prostaglandins, so, in theory, it could induce and accelerate labor. Unfortunately, to achieve the amount of bromelain necessary to exert this desired effect, such large quantities of pineapple should be consumed that it is almost impossible to ensure that this food has any effect under normal consumption conditions.

2. Raspberry leaf tea It is another of the most widespread due to its ability to produce contractions. In fact, in some countries its consumption is not recommended until after week 37 of pregnancy. Again, the amounts of tea required to produce the desired contractions are very high.

3. Spicy food traditionally it is related to a stimulation of the gastrointestinal transit that can lead, as a secondary effect, to the appearance of contractions. However, these contractions, like those produced by laxatives such as castor oil, are simply intestinal cramps unrelated to the uterus and therefore incapable of triggering labor, but will undoubtedly cause the mom having a good time the sea of ​​uncomfortable.

4. Although less known, pepper and ginger They are characterized by containing and releasing capsaicins into the bloodstream, capable of exerting an enhancing effect on the release of endorphins. Given the relationship between endorphins and natural relaxation, they may help with this relaxation early in labor.

5. Some spices, Like oregano and basil, they have been linked over the years to stimulating uterine contractions when consumed in high amounts. In fact, the traditional Italian dish 'melanzane alla parmigiana', which could basically be defined as an aubergine lasagna, is consumed late in pregnancy for its ability to induce labor. Naturally, and as was the case with pineapple bromelain, it is highly unlikely to observe any effect with the amounts used to flavor dishes.

6. Black licorice It is capable of stimulating the production of prostaglandins thanks to its glycyrrhizin content. Large amounts of this compound, however, in addition to increasing the incidence of preterm births, can cause serious episodes of diarrhea.

In addition to feeding, there are those natural methods that have been passed from mother to daughter for generations to stimulate the start of labor. Do you want to know them?

- Physical exercise, since gravity helps the fetus to place itself in the lower part of the uterus.

- Sex, due to prostaglandins in sperm.

- The stimulation of the nipples, which causes a release of oxytocin, the hormone related to the contractions of the uterus and the maturation of the neck, something necessary for the beginning of labor.

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