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Damien, the child of tears. Story for children who cry a lot

Parents want our children to be happy and that, for nothing in the world, sadness invades their day to day. So when a child is constantly crying instead of laughing, alarms go off. And this can be a problem for the child who, as happens to the protagonist of this story entitled 'Damien, the child of tears',an ideal tool in which the children who cry for everythingthey will feel reflected and it will help them to turn this situation around.

Damien was a boy who was always crying. She cried so much that few knew the color of her gaze because her eyes were red all day. At first, his friends thought that something hurt, others that he had been hit or that his mother had scolded him. But the truth was that he did not even know what was wrong with him.

As the years went by, things got worse. If you looked at him, Damien wept; if touched, Damien cried; if the ball was passed to him in the park, Damien would cry. Soon, those who had been his friends stopped playing with him. And the other children were tired of waiting for him to stop crying or having to comfort him all the time.

Damien spent his days alone and that made him cry even more. His shirt was always wet and where he sat a pool of water surrounded him. One morning when he woke up he discovered that scales had started to grow on him. "Ohhh, I'll end up turned into a fish," Damien thought.

Damien was very scared. He did not want to live in the sea. Sharks scared him very much and he couldn't imagine being friends with an octopus or a sea bream. But what terrified him the most was that he couldn't swim. Can you be a fish without knowing anything?

The little boy tried to find comfort in his mother. Altering like a mullet and with a great tantrum, he ended up in Maria's lap. This covered him with kisses and the tantrum and despair turned to a simple moan and a small cry. And that's when his mom started tickling him.

The fear of turning into a fish and the tickling, finally, made Damien laugh. Hahaha hahaha! There were no more tears, just laughter. Now Damien went back to playing with his friends in the park and he only cried when he fell. But what made him happiest was learning to swim in the pool.

The constant tearing of a child can be a situation that can make many parents despair, but before losing their nerves, perhaps it would be good to analyze the different factors that can lead the child to be continuously in this state. Here we give you some clues!

- You are sleepy or tired
In younger children, it is difficult to know the reason for crying because they do not communicate with words, so this option is not ruled out.

- Be bad
When the little ones are incubating a disease - as happens with the older ones - they are irascible and all they do is cry.

- Is hungry
And, also, it can happen that the child is hungry. And we get very desperate when our guts ring out and we have nothing to put in our mouths, right?

- Lack of attention or stimuli
The three causes described above would be included within the physical factors, but we can also find more emotional reasons that lead them to feel frustration, to demand more time with their parents or, also, to not know how to overcome certain difficulties. With hugs, words, patience and comfort, everything is solved!

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