Having daddy at home, the best remedy against postpartum anxiety

Having daddy at home, the best remedy against postpartum anxiety

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I remember how I felt when I gave birth to my first child, 'lost', I think that's the word that best defines it. And I remember having that same feeling 5 years later when my second daughter was born. As much as I heard other mothers say that with the second baby everything was easier, that was not the experience I had at all. Even less when thinking that when I got home with the newborn baby and all that I knew, my little one was also there with an explosion of feelings difficult to explain. And this brings me to the next question, What is the role of the father in the postpartum to avoid postpartum anxiety? Why is it so helpful to have him at home and not just to take care of the baby?

Let me share another thought that I had recently when I learned that by law paternity leave was extended to 8 weeks in my country, Spain. '8 weeks and it's going to expand!' That's the thought that came to my mind, how well they would have come to me to take care of the baby, my eldest son and, of course, to have someone by my side to take care of me too. Did you also feel that way after delivery? Now there is a study that proves us right.

The researchers, Maya Rossin-Slater and Petra Persson, economists at Stanford, studied the effects of a Swedish law dating from 2012 that allows parents to delay their return to work up to 30 days, as needed, in the year after delivery. What does this translate to? In all a help at home that makes the first months after childbirth infinitely more bearable.

Incidentally, this study reported that in the first six months after delivery, there was a 26% decrease in anti-anxiety prescriptions compared to mothers who gave birth just before the law went into effect. Furthermore, there was a 14% reduction in hospitalizations or visits to a specialist and an 11% decrease in antibiotic prescriptions.

In the words of Maya Rossin-Slater: 'They have focused on what can be done in the hospital after childbirth, but the mothers' family environment, which is where the vast majority of women spend their time, has been neglected. most of the time after delivery, an important component of this family environment is the presence of the father'. Sweden is at the forefront of the most generous countries in terms of maternity and paternity leave. 480 days of leave are distributed to take care of the children that can be used until the minor is 12 years old, in addition, they receive a bonus so that the distribution of the leave is equal.

And from the laws we go to the field of study. Why does it become so vital that the person you just had a child with can be at home especially in the first months after delivery? Well because, as you will already know from your own experience, it is your life partner the one who can best take care of the baby and the one who can also take care of you. Surely you feel more than identified with the lines that I am going to share with you now.

- The father is the one to take care of the baby
There is a lot of care that a baby who has just arrived in this world needs, of course he needs that of his mother, but also that of his father, either to change the diaper or sing a song so that he falls asleep. But it is not only about that, it will also be the main person in charge of taking care of the older brother if there were, and to the house and the thousand things that always have to be done in it.

- Take care of the mother and give her support after delivery
How do you feel now that you have just become a mother? And I'm not referring to the wonderful feeling of holding your child in your arms and looking into his eyes, which also, I mean specifically how you feel as a woman. I felt lost and at the same time tired and very vulnerable. It will be because of the hormones, it will be at night that I knew that I was not going to close an eye or it will be because the birth leaves you so restless and with sensations that no matter how hard you try you cannot find words to describe.

Would things change a bit if you could have your partner at home? And not only during the short paternity leave, but a little longer, especially to take turns caring for the little one. Of course yes. The role of the father in the postpartum is vital to help the mother in all that is needed but also to give all the support and the most unconditional love.

Let's finish this reflection with the evidence that the study we talked about at the beginning reveals, when the father is responsible for his baby, the bonds are created more strongly.

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