Games to strengthen the legs of children (and parents)

Games to strengthen the legs of children (and parents)

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You already know that in We are super sports fans, especially if it is as a team or as a family, that is why we are always up to date with the latest of the best exercises to be healthy and strong. On this occasion we want to talk to you about a specific topic, that of making games to strengthen the legs of boys and girls of all ages. Also, if you practice them with your children, you will also exercise your body!

Why? Well, because they are ideal basic techniques so that they can train their skills and at the same time have a very entertaining time at home or in the park, and not only that, but they are also great for children to put technology aside, start playing sports and have much stronger and healthier legs. And they are also perfect to win in balance!

The games that we propose here are designed for the little ones in the house exercise your legs, gain strength, balance and dexterity. They can do them themselves, although if you are looking for the best of results, we advise you to do them too, team play is the best there is! Add as many games as you want to the list and you will have a hobby that will be the favorite of the whole family.

1. The game of footprints
This game is simple to prepare and very, very entertaining. It consists of drawing a few footprints on colored paper, cutting out and pasting on the floor of the house or park (do it leaving a little distance between one and the other) The next step (pun intended) is to jump on the footprint on track until reaching the last and starting again.

Of course, the footprints are to decorate to suit each one, take the opportunity to write on each left or right foot, the numbers or the letters of the alphabet. They will learn these concepts in no time! In addition, it is excellent for the little ones to train balance and coordination.

2. Time to kick the ball
What better game to strengthen your legs than kicking the ball? It does not have to be a football game as is, that too, but you can do as many activities as you want. From playing to pass the ball, to throwing it at the goal without a goalkeeper, to seeing who throws it higher than all. Imagination to power and you will see that the children's legs will be much stronger.

3. Jump on the limp
This game to strengthen the legs has been my son's idea, or rather I have written the exercise down on the list when I see that now he has given himself to go limp everywhere. For him it is one more form of fun but in truth it is a game that works wonders to exercise the muscles of the legs. Like my son, you will see that yours is better at jumping on one foot than the other. Suggest that she change so that she becomes proficient with both of you.

To make it more interesting, add challenges such as reaching the limp from this tree to the other, resting a little and making the way back, how many seconds did it take? You have to overcome that time! By the way, the classic game of hopscotch is also super valid when it comes to strengthening the legs of the little ones in the house.

4. Run, run and run
Running is a sport and also a game. If your child already likes to run, you already have another ideal activity to strengthen the legs in your hand. If it does not attract much attention, try a complementary game such as passing the baton as if it were an athletics class, simple races to see who reaches the finish line first or who wins the stopwatch.

Another good idea is to make a circuit in which you first have to run to a point, then continue to the side crossing your legs and end up jumping. Again, you just have to take these ideas as a basis and adapt them to the tastes of your children or your students.

5. Floor exercises, perfect for toning the legs
As if it were a Pilates class, tell the children to get down on the floor and do a series of exercises. The game is to see who does them all before the doorbell rings. Start by stretching one leg, going up and down ten times, and then doing the same with the other leg. Next, bend one knee and, without lifting the head, bring it towards the neck, do a series of 5 or 10 repetitions and change legs. The last exercise consists of sitting up with your legs straight, first you lean your torso towards one for a few seconds and then do the same with the other leg. A Pilates session at home goes a long way!

6. And after so much exercise ... You have to stretch your legs!
Whether you've done your Pilates class before or been in the park running or playing ball, there's no other way to put the finishing touch than by stretching your legs a bit. It is not a game as it is, we know, but it is necessary so that the muscles are not loaded and to gain flexibility.

Start by bending one leg towards the gluteus and hold it with your hand for a moment, to keep your balance you have to look at a fixed point, release the leg and do the same with the other. Finish by putting your legs together and trying to touch your feet with the tips of your fingers. Little ones tend to have a lot of flexibility, so don't be surprised if they even put the palm of their hand on the ground.

Ready to get started with the best exercises to strengthen your legs? We love sports and games to practice it!

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