Foods that increase breast milk production

Amelia, who is recently giving birth, is very concerned because she is low on milk. In his despair. Call her mother to see what she can do. She advises her that the 'grandmother' always recommended drinking a lot of 'cow's milk' and 'oatmeal water', that this was the secret to getting milk from her breasts. Are there really foods that increase breast milk production?Join me in this post and you will know.

Throughout history, the belief that mothers who 'do not produce milk' must take or eat certain foods in order to increase their production has become very popular, but current studies and scientific evidence do not say the same.

There is no food that increases the production of your milk, what does make you produce more are two aspects: that your child sucks correctly and empties the breast (or that you express milk manually and constantly) and make sure that you are well hydrated .

During this period of breastfeeding, you must maintain a balanced and healthy diet, which includes all the food groups of the nutritional pyramid, including in order of consumption from highest to lowest proportion:

1. Cereals, grains, tubers

2. Vegetables and fruits

3. Dairy, meat and egg

4. Vegetable fats and oils

And of course, you should avoid the consumption of sugars!

In a nutshell, what you have to do is eat well, and forget that the word diet is synonymous with restrictions. You can eat absolutely everything, simply that you must avoid foods that you know are not nutritious and that can harm your health and your weight.

Let's take an example: you have a way out and you want to eat a hamburger, french fries and soda, but the friends or relatives who accompany you do not leave you because 'that makes you feel bad' and especially because it affects your milk. Do you know what you can tell everyone? Completely false! You can eat it without regrets or regrets, the detail is not to do it repeatedly, not because it influences your milk, but because of the nutritional impact that the consumption of these not very nutritious foods has on your health.

It has been shown that a mother who suffers from malnutrition still has her breast milk of adequate quality and quantity, unless she is in extreme malnutrition.

However, there are some substances known as galactogogues and which are considered to increase milk production. Worldwide, in some cultures or in some countries almond milk, malt, brewer's yeast, strains, barley or oat water are believed to contain galactogogues and thus increase milk production in nursing mother, but this has not been scientifically proven, so we cannot assure you of its 'magic effect'.

What you should take into account is that many of them (not named above) which can have the opposite effect, that is, instead of increasing, they can inhibit production, so you must be very careful and take this into account when ingesting them.

On the other hand, it is incorrect for specialists to suggest restricting certain foods because you are breastfeeding; Except if there is an allergy to cow's milk protein (known by its acronym APLV) that is diagnosed by the pediatrician, gastroenterologist or pediatric allergist, in which case you should follow a diet that excludes dairy products and derivatives.

What can I recommend? Hydrate yourself, feed yourself correctly, make sure that your baby has a good suction and, above all, that he empties the breast completely, since if this is not the case, a substance accumulates in your breast that inhibits the production of more milk. Confide in yourself!

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