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A rare name can be a guarantee of success. The history of Marijuana Pepsi

A rare name can be a guarantee of success. The history of Marijuana Pepsi

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What is the weirdest boy or girl name you know? As strange as it is, I can assure you that the one of the protagonist of this story is even more so. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck, an American woman who, despite enduring thousands of 'can you repeat your name?' throughout her life, decided never to change her name. I don't know if it will be an example of overcoming, of courage, of originality ... or of all this together. But, based on your case, we can say, without a doubt, that having a very strange name does not have to be synonymous with failure. In fact, for Marijuana Pepsi has been a boost and a guarantee of success.

I can't imagine the face on the person from the newborn registry when Marijuana Pepsi's mother told her what she wanted to name her daughter. Although it may not seem like it, behind this name there is not an attempt at sponsorship by the soft drink company, but a fighter and hard-working woman who has managed to make a success of what many might consider a real drag: a too strange name .

And it is that, Marijuana has managed to do a doctorate in Wisconsin’s Cardinal Stritch University on ‘Names for blacks in white classrooms: the behavior of teachers and the perceptions of students’. After how much she has suffered throughout her life from having an almost unlikely name, She has managed to turn the situation around and fight for what she always wanted (to become a doctor) based on what always put her at a disadvantage (her name).

Coming from an unstable environment, the little She used to ask her teachers to call her Mary. But as the years went by, he realized that his name was part of his identity and decided not to change it. Thus, he showed that overcoming obstacles is possible with a little effort and desire.

As a curiosity, we will tell you that the one who chose this name for the girl was the mother herself, who was looking for a name that would take her daughter around the world ... And what if she has succeeded because now, the history of Marijuana Pepsi has become in viral, which has made the woman have to endure ridicule. Surely she takes it with humor, since in the different interviews granted she explains that she is used to jokes. "But I have never smoked cannabis," he adds.

Beyond the funny comments, Marijuana has taken the opportunity to send a message to all young people to make their weak points their virtues. Just like she did, she encourages them to become builders of your own path.

The history of Marijuana Pepsi has made me think ... Is it better to opt for an original name or for a popular one tested by thousands of people around the world? This is a question that many parents ask themselves when it comes to choose what they want to name their babies, and more seeing cases like this woman. Therefore, below we have prepared a small analysis with the pros and cons.

Why YES to put a weird name on your child

  • The classrooms are full of Hugos, Lucías or Pablos ... Do you really want your child to be one of them? A weird name it is synonymous with originality.
  • If you give your child a too conventional name, he will always have to carry his last name, and the last name is something that we cannot always choose.
  • Weird names will make your child differs from the rest of the people around you.
  • People will never forget your child's name because of how different it is.

Reasons NOT to choose a too strange name

  • There are names so rare that they can be a real humiliation for the child. Do you want him to have a hard time choosing his name with little criteria?
  • If so many people have carried that name, it will be for something, right? That is to say, It is proven to be a good name.
  • Choosing your child's name can serve to pay tribute to a person you love very much or to create an identity within the family by repeating the same name generation after generation. And this name better be something beautiful and recognizable.

Yes, despite the inconveniences, you still want a name for a boy or a girl that sounds original, take a look at the following list. We have made a compilation with some names that are still rare but that are very beautiful.

1 Breeze
An ethereal name, almost poetic. It is ideal for girls with a calm and sweet character. Do you think your daughter will be like this?

2 Eros
Who wouldn't want to put Eros on a baby. And it is that this name is obviously related to love, since it is precisely what it means in Greek. In addition, you can not deny that its sound is very beautiful.

3 Uriel
What do you think about this name? It is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is related to light. A wise choice to call a boy!

4 Fairy
Fairies are fantastic creatures that never cease to amaze us. This name comes from Latin and means 'destiny'. A nice name for a girl, don't you think?

5. Zigor
If you live in the Basque Country you may have heard it a lot, however, outside of this region this name sounds very mysterious.

6 Hope
If you have traveled to an Anglo-Saxon-speaking country, you may have heard this name on more than one occasion. But for Spanish speakers it is still an original name with a very beautiful meaning: 'hope'.

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