Fertility problems

Here's how yoga can help you with your fertility problems

Here's how yoga can help you with your fertility problems

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Are you looking to get pregnant, but is it struggling? Perhaps you should do a study of the type and rhythm of life you are leading. Are you under a lot of stress? That may be, a priori, one of the factors that are preventing you from achieving your pregnancy, that's why we want to tell you how yoga can help you with your fertility problems.

Yoga, from the Sanskrit 'Union', is a discipline that seeks conciliation between the body and the mind. It originated in India and is an ancient technique practiced throughout our history. Today, its ability to strengthen the body, while relaxing it, has made this discipline a daily practice for many who seek to improve their health.

One of the reasons why yoga is used in particular is the desire to achieve pregnancy. The pressure, urgency and anxiety about being parents can affect reproductive capacity. Hence, one of the uses for which yoga is becoming popular is the improvement of fertility.

This discipline offers the possibility of eliminating fatigue, balancing the body and mind, and, above all, it releases tension, necessary conditions to promote pregnancy. Therefore, yoga today can be understood as a natural therapy that promotes fertility.

It is important to take into account the existence of various modalities when doing yoga. In yoga there are many types of exercises and practices because each one will have movements intended for a particular purpose. Some of these disciplines require greater physical effort, because they seek to tone, while others are focused on achieving smooth movements and high relaxation. One must know how to choose the right type of movements to improve fertility with yoga.

For this reason, the practice of yoga under the Bikram and Ashtanga disciplines is not recommended, given its high intensity when looking for pregnancy. There are different types of yoga that prioritize relaxation, such as Hatha Yoga, Kripalu Yoga and, finally, couples yoga.

In addition, today a discipline specifically designed to improve fertility called fertility yoga has been developed, which combines traditional yoga postures with others specifically designed to improve reproductive health.

Stress is key to understanding the sterility problems that are emerging among today's population. We live with greater stress, burden, responsibilities and pressure, which end up affecting our reproductive system.

Having tools in this process is very necessary to prevent your own body from putting obstacles at the time of having a child. Hatha Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Couples Yoga, and Fertilization Yoga are based on promoting relaxation and releasing stress. These types of yoga use slow movements, deep breathing, specific poses or asanas, and a process of meditation.

These types of techniques offer various benefits for fertility. On the one hand, the combination of slow movements and deep breathing improves the oxygenation process of the blood and lymphatic streams. This is decisive when conceiving a pregnancy since greater oxygenation will reach the reproductive organs, giving them a better capacity.

On the other hand, meditation together with the postures or asanas release tension, eliminate contractures and create a balance between body and mind that helps in the face of hormonal imbalances, both in men and women that stress causes.

These types of exercises and breaths are very necessary when trying to produce more hormones, and therefore, to naturally stimulate the reproductive organs. To be carefree and live without tension imply a physical and mental well-being that are favorable to achieve a pregnancy.

Men will benefit from a higher production of testosterone, which will help improve the quality of their sex cells; and the woman will avoid hormonal imbalances, such as menstrual pain, pre-menstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, excessive bleeding and, of course, reduce the difficulty of getting pregnant.

Author of the article Beatriz Dibra, Ginefiv psychologist.

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