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Parents' greatest wishes for their children (which we all share)

In this of wanting the best for the children, it seems that all fathers and mothers agree.Parents' wishes for their children are repeated: we want all the good things for them and nothing that makes them suffer, of course. Then we can say out loud that what we want most for children is for them to be happy and to achieve their goals in life. So, as a reflection for all those families who daily pursue their dreams and therefore those of their children, we leave you these lines with which you surely feel very identified.

What do all the parents in the world want for their children? What do I wish for myself for my son and daughter? If I think about it almost without thinking about it, or if I ask a mother or father and ask them to say the first thing that comes to mind, maybe things like that they are successful as adults, that they achieve a good job and an excellent professional career, that they know five languages ​​and play three instruments, that they travel and know hidden places but never forget where they come from and who their family is ... Of course, there is nothing wrong, they are all wonderful things but What if we analyze what we want most for our children now?

Well then surely you will agree with me, to be happy. What is happiness for a child? Maybe we should think about what parents want for our children that makes them happy now. I see it that way, is it also your vision? By the way, try asking your child what happiness means to him, his answer will surprise you.

1. That they play in the street every day
The other day I read that the best extracurricular there is is the park. How right in such a simple sentence! Ok, we want you to sign up for this or another activity so that you can learn things and so that we can get to pick you up on time after work. But we also want them to play, run, shout and let their imaginations run wild while having fun with their friends. The best place for this is the park of a lifetime.

2. We want them to eat healthy and balanced
Of course, what parent does not want this for their children. The other day I was talking to a mom about the nutritional information that is heard everywhere now, and we both agreed that we would have had a healthier diet during pregnancy if we had thought about it a bit. Perhaps that is why I am increasingly betting that my children follow a correct diet. Whims are allowed, but not on a daily basis.

3. We hope you do well in school
From entering kindergarten to graduating from university. We want with all our soul that they do well, that they study, that they take their subjects with good marks and that they make a lot of friends; at the same time that we try by all means that they are on the right track: that they respect others, that they be honest, that they do not get into trouble ... And many more values ​​that we instill in them daily.

4. We want them to laugh every day with enthusiasm
We cannot make a list to talk about what parents want most for their children without mentioning laughter. Do you remember when your son's first laugh was? An endearing detail that you wish will never be erased from your memory. And the thing is that laughter, that which comes from the heart and that fills the house with joy, is the best there is, especially if it comes from your son and is also accompanied by your smile.

5. We love them spending time with us
The little ones go from saying 'mamaááá' every five minutes to being in their room with their things and without paying you the slightest attention. Last week a dad from the neighborhood told me that he would like his daughters to grow up now, I suppose to have more space and fewer things to do during the day: take them to school, make lunch and dinner, bath time and the story, thinking about things on the weekend for them, finishing that craft that they bring from school ... And I, who am very sentimental, gave me to think, 'if they are already growing by leaps and bounds and that gives me panic '. So, raise your hand who agrees with me, another of the things that parents really want for their children is that they spend all the time in the world with us.

6. That they are good people and they become responsible adults
I think that is one of the main goals that all parents have, to ensure that our children are good people and that, once they reach adulthood, they know how to function and act well. It will be then when we see a small reward. But for this to be the case, the plant must be watered from the moment it is born. It will be of little use to want good results if there is not an excellent example at home.

And I will leave it, which is talking about all the good things that each one wants for their children and the thing seems to have no end. In short, and as I said at the beginning, I believe that happiness is that irreplaceable condition that we all seek for our little ones from the first moment in which we know that they are going to be part of our life.

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