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Typical names for boys in Mexico that you will like because of its diminutive

The great search for the ideal name for your child should always be a moment full of magic, which awakens the interest of both parents to find that name that may be traditional or unique, but that has a special touch that makes both their skin crawl. And there's no better way to get that feeling than by splashing a little bit of the energy of cute and beloved Mexico. To help you in your search, in we propose some names for boys that are very popular in Mexico. You will like them all because of the very affectionate diminutive that corresponds to them.

In Mexico, there is no specific tradition for boys' names, unlike the case of girls, which seeks to focus on their beautiful and delicate nature. But there are some customs that are also characteristic of other countries, such as, for example, placing the name of the father, grandfather or a special saint.

Next we will show you the most popular names for boys in Mexico, with their own diminutives:

1. Fernando: Fer or Nando
This is one of the most attractive names for boys in Mexico. Its origin goes back to the Germanic ‘Firthunands’, which means ‘He who risks everything for peace’. Many parents choose it because it is a name with a lot of tradition but that continues to be on everyone's lips.

2. Guadalupe: Lupe / Lupillo
Although it is mostly used as a name for girls, the origin of Guadalupe is actually masculine, since that was the name of the Indian who discovered the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The Mexican origin of this name is Náhualt ‘Coatlallope’ and it means ‘He who crushes serpents’.

3. Michelangelo: Migue
What do you think of this popular name combination? In my opinion it is a very attractive and powerful choice. Miguel comes from the Hebrew ‘Mikael’ which means ‘Who is like God?’, While Angel comes from the Greek and is the representation for ‘He who announces a message’. One of the most used diminutives for this name is Migue, although there are those who prefer Angie.

4. Martín: Martinsito
Its origin is Latin and refers to "Those consecrated on Mars", a name with great force that was given to warriors and men of honor, by the God Mars. Without a doubt, Martín is a short and attractive name for boys.

5. Mateo: Mati or Mat
It is a masculine proper noun, whose origin is Hebrew but was later transliterated into Aramaic ‘Matiyah’. Although the name of Mateo also has a Latin origin like ‘Matthaeus’ and means ‘The gift of Yaveh’.

6. Augustine: Agus
A name for boys that sounds very sweet to the ears, but with a powerful meaning that gives that special touch to bristle the parents' skin. It comes from the Latin ‘Augustinus’ and means ‘He who is revered’. As a diminutive, Agus is often used.

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We continue this small guide of Mexican names with other ideas that are somewhat more innovative, despite the fact that they are still very popular in the country. Knowing the meaning and origin of the names will help you decide on one of them.

7. Aaron: Aaroncito
It is said that this name for boys is one of those with the most history and tradition in the world. It has two possible origins, from the Hebrew 'Ahărōn' which means 'The progenitor of martyrs' and from the Egyptian 'Aha Rw' which means 'The enlightened one'.

8. Enmanuel: Enma or Manu
An original and attractive name for boys, whose origin comes from the Hebrew Immanu-El, a masculine name that means "God is with us." Does this name with a religious connotation inspire you?

9. Joaquin: Joaco
A typical name for boys in Mexico, although its origin dates back to the Hebrew ‘Yeho ya qim’ and means ‘Yahweh will build’. A very interesting fact about the history of this name is that this is how the father of the Virgin Mary and grandfather of Jesus was called.

10. Ignacio: Nacho or Nachito
Another of the most popular names for boys in Mexico. Its origin, like that of very few names, is in fact Spanish and is a proper masculine given name, although its feminine variant is Ignacia. Although there is a Latin variant 'Ignatius' which means 'Who has fire'.

11. Sebastian: Sebas
A name of masculine inspiration that despite being popular never loses its originality, much less its appeal. It has two origins, from the Hebrew which means 'He to honor' or 'He to revere' and from the Greek 'Sebastos' which means 'The one worthy of respect'.

Are you attracted to the Mexican flavor of children's names? Then one of these diminutive name options is the one for you.

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