Children living in messy houses are smarter and more creative

Children living in messy houses are smarter and more creative

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I fear that moment of coming home after work, because it is to open the door and find my other reality: my daughters playing on the dining room floor and all the toys scattered around every corner. But, good news, do you know why mothers should stop worrying that everything is thrown away and nothing is in its place? One report states that children living in messy houses are smarter and more creative, and is that a messy house is, in reality, a perfect place for the development of the child.

When you live with children it is difficult, if not impossible, to have everything in place, right or not? In fact, when I enter a house where there are children and I see all the books on their shelves, the toys in their boxes, and the costumes on the closet hanger, I become suspicious! How does that woman find time to clean all the rooms every day? How come there are NO toys on the floor? Knock, knock, knock ... does anyone live here?

In my family home, the picture and the panoramic is different, but really I am not ashamed to admit it and admit it: I am messy and, moreover, I lack hours a day to take care of the house. And nothing happens, because perhaps I am not doing so badly and this behavior of mine, involuntary at times, may be favoring my daughters. Of course, I want to emphasize that It is one thing for the house to be untidy and quite another for it to be dirty, No, it doesn't happen there!

The scientific reason for this statement is provided by Kathleen Vohs, responsible for the study carried out by the University of Minnesota (United States). 'Cluttered environments seem to inspire a break with tradition, which can produce new ideas; by contrast, orderly environments, by contrast, foster convention and security. ' Do you agree?

It seems that something has to do with this conclusion because according to Randi Zuckerberg (possibly the name does not sound familiar but the last name does), his brother, the owner of Facebook, lived in an apartment where chaos and disorder reigned and ... Now he is one of the most successful men of this generation!

Another study prior to the one mentioned and published in 2013 by Psychology Today showed that a cluttered space fostered creativity and innovative thinking. On the other hand, a clean and tidy environment makes people more likely to 'play safe' and avoid new ideas.

Living in a messy house is, after all, a sign that you and your children are living life and that you are not letting it pass, like someone who sits on a sofa and just watches what is broadcast on television. Congratulate yourself on it!

On the other hand, A messy home can be a home filled with memories and great family moments. For example, have you ever wondered why it is difficult for you to get rid of that rattle that is in the toy box if your little ones have stopped being babies a long time ago? It makes your brain fill with past images that have filled you with happiness!

Now I propose another reflection: analyze the shelves or drawers of the furniture in your living room. I do not know how yours will be, but mine will no longer fit photo frames with the faces of my daughters, crafts that are given to me for Mother's Day every year or brochures of the plays or places that we have visited in family recently.

And, the last question I want to ask you, if your children have a lot of toys, why do you decide to take out of them those that were part of your childhood and that of your husband? Because you know that all those things that made you let your imagination fly can have a second life and promote the intelligence of your little ones.

If after what I have told you, it may cost you that things are 'sleeve for shoulder', there are options to create a certain disorder within the order and thus help children to develop their creativity.

- If you have young children and you are in the process of introducing solids, let them take things with their hands and experiment with new flavors and textures. Of course, you have to monitor what they eat to avoid choking, but if they mess up, don't worry! To the washing machine and that's it.

- Through drawing children express many of their emotions and that is why we encourage you to encourage this activity at home. They can use colored paints and markers, but why not offer them tempera or finger paints as well? They will put everything lost (put the shirt and the oldest pants you have), but they will enjoy like never before.

- If you are thinking of getting rid of a toy that has long been forgotten at the bottom of the basket, stop! Try to, from time to time, change the toys to the children, that is, save one and teach them others, and you will see how they will enjoy them again. And it will seem like a novelty!

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