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For a smile. Story for children who are afraid of monsters

Many children, even some older ones, are very afraid of monsters. They have always been sold to us as terrible beasts with lots of hair, horns and fangs. But what if they weren't as bad as they are usually painted? Stories like this, in which a kinder face of monsters is shown, help children to lose their fears. 'For a smile' is orn story for all those fears that are afraid of monsters. Don't miss out on this cute tale!

Everything happened very quickly, when he wanted to realize he was already at his side with that bad-tempered face that scared him so much. But he liked him, and that according to everyone said was very strange.

"Jeremiah, get away from that monster!" they told him.

But Jeremiah ignoring the others smiled every day at that monster who had the face of few friends.

Thus, day after day, the monster approached him, looked at him narrowing his eyes, wanting to intimidate him, but Jeremías did not show him any fear and kept smiling at him.

Little by little the monster's face changed, he didn't seem so angry anymoreSome even saw how he began to outline what looked like a smile.

One afternoon, it was Jeremías who looked for the monster and without saying anything he sat down next to him. Surprised, the monster looked at him and then grinned at him. Jeremías, very happy, then began to laugh uproariously and, for the first time, everyone saw the monster laugh heartily and they approached him, because it was no longer scary, to laugh together.

Everything happened because of a smile.

Below we suggest some questions to check if your children have understood the message and background of this story. We propose some true or false questions.

- Jeremías found the monster very unpleasant from the beginning. True or false?

- People were trying to get Jeremiah away from the monster. True or false?

- Jeremiah was very, very afraid of the monster. True or false?

- Little by little, the monster was showing more sympathy with Jeremías. True or false?

- The monster and Jeremiah began to laugh together. True or false?

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