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Having a child is a path of many joys and illusions, although it is common to encounter some obstacles that make the ascent a bit difficult. These obstacles are, for example, some complicated decisions to be made. One of the first is to choose what the baby that is coming is going to be called. To help you in this decision, in we stop to analyze the most popular names for boys. On this occasion, we will tell you the origin, the saints, the curiosities and the meaning of the name Mateo. And, the more information you have about a name, the easier it will be for you to choose it or discard it.

Mateo is a masculine name of Hebrew origin what does it mean 'the great gift of God' or 'gift of God'. Did you know that it is a Hellenized variant of Matías?

It is a name linked from its beginnings to religion. In fact, it appears in the Bible, more specifically, in the New Testament, as we will tell you below.

If for you, your baby is like a small gift that you have been lucky to receive, this name is the one for him. Of course, it is preferred by many believing parents who are looking for a name with weight and deep meaning for their children.

Surely you know at least one boy named Mateo. And is that this name it is very very popular in Latin countries, but also in Spain. And each time more! Year after year, it is always one of the top-ranked boys' names on popular name charts.

But who popularized this name? It is impossible to know who was the first person who was named like that. However, when speaking of this name we cannot forget to mention to the apostle Saint Matthew, who was the author of the first of the four Gospels.

You might think that being a name used for so long and by so many families is a bit 'worn out'. Nothing could be further from the truth! The name of Mateo is now more forceful and valid than ever, and it doesn't sound archaic at all.

We open our calendar of the saints to tell you that the day most celebrated by all the children named Mateo is September 21. This is the date on which the Saint Matthew's Day, Apostle and Evangelist.

Before becoming an apostle, Saint Matthew was a tax collector. In fact, he was known as Matthew the publican, since this was the name given to the tributes of the time. That is why, today, San Mateo is the patron of all tax collectors, customs, tobacconists and lotteries. You know what day to congratulate them all!

However, other saints or blesseds related to the name Mateo are also celebrated these other days of the year:

  • January 7th, Blessed Mateo Guimerá
  • January 22, Saint Matthew Alonso de Leciñana
  • February 6th, San Mateo Correa
  • May 11, Saint Matthew Le Van Gam

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It is true that compound names with Mateo They are not as popular as the combinations that are formed with others like José or Juan. However, when it comes to finding beautiful compound names, your imagination has no limits. And pretty pairs of names can be given to call a boy. In some cases, the name of Mateo can be put in front and in others behind.

  • Jose Mateo
  • Juan Mateo
  • Daniel Mateo
  • Matthew Alexander
  • Matthew Jesus
  • Jeremiah Matthew
  • Santiago Mateo
  • Ethan Mateo

As we have told you before, Mateo comes from the name Matías. And therefore, names are often exchanged lovingly. From this name, different variants have arisen as it has evolved: Nentanyahu, Matatyahu, Yahonantan or Jonathan.

As for the diminutives, and although it is not a very long name, there are several forms that are heard: Matt (very widespread in the Anglo-Saxon world), Maty, Teo, etc.

Although much less widespread, the children's form of Mateo is Matea.

As we have already told you, Mateo is a name that has been used for many many years. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many historical figures who have been named that way. In fact, all of them have done their bit to spread this name to almost every corner of the planet.

  • Mateo Alemán, Spanish writer (1547)
  • Mateu Morral, Spanish anarchist (1880)
  • Matt LeBlanc, American actor (1967)
  • Matthew Perry, American actor (1969)
  • Matt Damon, American actor (1970)
  • Matt Bomer, American actor (1977)
  • Mateo Arias, American-Colombian actor (1995)

Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo's little son is called Mateo? Also the son of Lionel Messi!

Do you want to know what the numerology says about babies named Mateo? To do this, you have to do calculations with each of the letters of the name. You will come to the conclusion that the number that corresponds to this name is 9.

According to numerology, babies related to 9 are very intelligent. It is evident that they have a great facility to learn and are usually ahead of their own achievements for their age. That is why many of the children in their class look up to them.

Also as a consequence of his attitude, sometimes sin of being a little arrogant, since they tend to believe themselves better than the rest of their peers. This leads them to treat with pride and selfishness even those who love and value them.

Mateo is a name that has reached all corners of the world. In each language it has varied according to its evolution and the characteristics of the language itself. Look!

  • In German: Mathias, Matthias or Matthaus
  • In Arabic: متى (Matta)
  • In Catalan: Mateu
  • In Czech: Matej
  • In Croatian: Mate
  • In Esperanto: Matiaso
  • In French: Mathieu, Mathias or Mathis
  • In Greek: Matthaios
  • In Hawaiian: Makaio
  • In English: Matthew, Mathew
  • In Italian: Matteo or Maffeo
  • In Japanese: マ ッ ト (Matto)
  • In Norwegian: Matteus
  • In Romanian: Matei
  • In Russian: Matvei
  • In Swedish: Matteus

Did you know are there cities around the world named after Mateo? We can go around the globe and go through San Mateo (Bocayá) in Colombia, the canton of San Mateo in Costa Rica, the Ecuadorian town of San Mateo, San Mateo de Gállego in Zaragoza (Spain), the county of San Mateo in California (United States), San Mateo Atenco (in the State of Mexico), etc.

To say goodbye, we could not forget the stories. Children are very excited to read stories whose main character is named after them. On our site we have several stories in which there is a boy named Mateo. You can read them to your little one if you finally decide that you want to give him this name.

- The cloud and the agreement. This story is used to teach children that communicating and dialoguing with others is very important, since we can reach agreements and solve problems without fighting.

- Learn to love. It is a very beautiful story in which a boy named Mateo becomes an older brother.

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