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Some parents have decided what they are going to call their child long before they have it. However, others wait until the last moment, when they see the baby face, to choose. As Aristotle said, in the middle is virtue, therefore, in We help you to find calmly but effectively how to call your little one. If you are looking for a beautiful name for boys, we suggest you know the meaning of the name Adrián, its origin, its numerology, its variants in other languages, etc. With all this information and curiosities, it will be easier for you to decide on this name.

Do you know someone named Adrián? If you like him very well, it sure seems like a very nice name. But if you don't like him, it is more than possible that you will never call your child that. In any case, the first thing you should know to remove all prejudices about this name is its origin and its history.

Adrián is a masculine name whose origin is latin. This means that it has been in use for many many years, although it has evolved since its inception. Experts say that at first Adrianus or Hadrianus was used.

When thinking about the history of this name we cannot help but go back in time to the Roman Empire. Here we have to talk about emperor Hadrian, of the Antonine Dynasty. He was born in 117, probably in southern Spain, and died in 138. On the other hand, you may have heard of Saint Adrian, a converted martyr who died for his new religion in 206. The use of this name would continue to be expanded by figures such as the Pope Hadrian VI.

From there, many parents have decided on this name for their child. Little by little, the name has been crossing seas and has spread to all corners of the world. So much so, that it is now difficult to determine precisely which is exactly the country in which it is most used.

Although it is a name with so much history, it doesn't sound old, true? On the contrary, many parents choose it for their children because it is modern and current.

The name of Adrián refers to the Adrias River or the city of Adrias (in the Northeast of Italy). Therefore, the meaning of this name refers to those who come from this area. There are those who assure that Adrias means something like 'water' or 'sea'. That is why it is extracted that this name also means 'the one who comes from the sea'.

The Adriatic Sea took its name from this river, so this name is also in some way linked to it. As a curiosity, you should know that this sea touches the following countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. This assumes that there the name is very special.

As we have already mentioned, one of the reasons why Adrián is such a popular name is because of the figure of San Adrián.

Reviewing the saints of names for children, we find that the date set to celebrate the name of Adrián is January 9. This celebration is in honor of Saint Adrian of Canterbury, an Anglo-African abbot from this English town. But, in addition to this date, we have to write down in the calendar of the saints:

  • March 1, 4 and 5
  • July 8
  • August 28
  • September 8th

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Sometimes deciding on a single name is complicated and more so when parents feel obliged to satisfy both parts of the family. In these cases, many parents decide to give their children two names. Athough it does not seems, Adrián accepts different combinations of names.

First of all we propose you some compound names in what Adrián is the first name.

  • Adrian Emilio
  • Adrian Pedro
  • Adrian Roberto
  • Adrian Thomas
  • Adrian Darius

But you can also use Adrián as a middle name. Here we show you some examples.

  • Nestor Adrian
  • Alberto Adrian
  • Samuel Adrian
  • Marco Adrian
  • Jaime Adrian

If you like Adrián to call your baby, surely you will find it very curious to know what are the different Adrianes of the world called. And, although it is a name that does not change much in different languages, there are some variations depending on the language.

  • In German: Adrian
  • In Catalan: Adrià
  • In Croatian: Hadrijan
  • In French: Adrien or Hadrien
  • In Greek: Adrianos
  • In English: Adrian or Adrien
  • In Italian: Adriano
  • In Lithuanian: Adrianas
  • In Romanian: Adrian

Adrián is not a very long name and, therefore, we tend to think that it does not have diminutives. But of course it does. The most common of them is Adri, although it is also likely to listen to other more original ones like Adru or Adro. It is possible that, on occasion, you have also heard some Rián or Ad.

Young children with this name are also called Adriancito or Adrianín.

As for the feminine variant of this name, there is Adriana. It is a popular name in countries like Spain, but also in some Latin countries.

Did you know that Adrián is a name that different celebrities have carried throughout history? These are some of them.

  • Adriano Celentano, Italian singer (1938)
  • Adrián Uribe, Mexican actor (1972)
  • Adrian Grenier, American actor (1976)
  • Adrián Rodríguez, Spanish actor (1988)

And as for famous names called Adriana ...

  • Adriana Fonseca, Mexican actress (1979)
  • Adriana Paz, Mexican actress (1980)
  • Adriana Lima, Brazilian model (1981)
  • Adriana Ugarte, Spanish actress (1985)

According to numerology, each name corresponds to a number. This is taken from the sum of the figures to which each of the letters corresponds. In Adrián's case, the number is 2.

If we take into account the common traits of children that are related to this number, we find that Adrián is a generous, altruistic child and that he is always willing to reach out to those who need it. When he meets someone new, he tends to be a bit shy. But if you find this person worthwhile, you soon become a great and loyal friend.

Did you know that they exist different cities, towns or neighborhoods of the world that bear the name of Adrián? For example, there is a municipality in the province of A Coruña (in northern Spain) called San Adrián de Toba. There is also another one called San Adrián de Valdueza in the district of Ponferrada (Spain).

Another curiosity about this name is that, in addition to being a first name, it is a surname, especially in Spain. In fact, according to experts, this surname would come from the Aragon area, although it has already spread throughout the country.

Children tend to be very excited have a story in which the protagonist bears his name. In this way, they feel more involved in the story and it is easier for them to put themselves in the character's shoes. If you finally decide to call your son Adrián, you have to read this story to him.

It is a story that talks about bullying. It will undoubtedly make children reflect and help them understand why it is so important to report bullying in the classroom.

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