33 dedications of children to their mothers full of hope and tenderness

33 dedications of children to their mothers full of hope and tenderness

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Children love superheroes. And the first superhero to appear in their lives is their mother ... their supermom. You will agree with me that sometimes it is difficult to convey in words what we feel, especially when it is a love as great as the one we have for our mother. Therefore, in we have compiled some dedications of children to their mothers that can be a great gift for them on their birthday, mother's day or any day of the year

In this compilation of dedications for moms, you can find different types of phrases like these:

  • Dedication for mom on any given day
  • Famous quotes full of emotion about mothers
  • Children's phrases to congratulate a birthday
  • Dedications with enthusiasm and tenderness to write on mom's gift
  • The funniest children's dedications
  • Dedicate a poem to your mom
  • Gifts for a mother that are not bought

Give these dedications to moms!

Why wait for a special date to tell Mom how much the family loves her? We must teach children to dedicate loving phrases for no apparent reason ... And, above all, to set an example!

1. Thank you for your hugs, they are the most comforting I have never met
All children will agree ... Moms' arms have something that calms all anguish, comforts all sobs and helps to sleep.

2. Mom, do you know why you are the most important to me? Because you gave me my greatest treasure, my life!
As we go deep and show our mother how much we love her, let's tell her how important she is to us.

3. How do you get to know every corner of my mind? I love you!
When a woman becomes a mom, she becomes a detective too, right? And they are able to find all the clues in their children's heads to know what happens to them.

4. I am still very young and there are many things that I do not understand. But if there is something that I am very clear about, it is that I love you
Children may not be able to understand or express in words everything they feel. But each of their gestures, their smiles and their looks show how much they love their mothers.

5. How lucky I am! My mother is the best in the world!
And whoever says otherwise is wrong

6. My mom's hugs are magical; They heal all sadness!
When a child is sad, he runs into the arms of his mother because he knows that they have that elixir that comforts them so much.

To dedicate a beautiful phrase to the mother of the family, you can also be inspired by some of the most beautiful famous quotes related to motherhood. The ones you will find below are the work of philosophers, writers, humanists ...

7. A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. Victor Hugo
We repeat the same idea. What will the arms of mothers have that comfort all sorrows and end up sleeping even the most awakened child.

8. A mother's heart is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. Honoré de Balzac.
No matter how bad children misbehave or how rebellious teenagers are, their mothers will always be willing to forgive them. And they love us so much ... that their love is more powerful than anything else!

9. Men are what their mothers made of them. Ralph Waldo Emerson
The influence of mothers on their children is enormous. And it is that their affection is one of the main vitamins that allows children to grow and shape their personality.

10. Life begins with waking up and loving my mother's face. George eliot
No matter how tired moms are or no matter how left the foot they have gotten up on, a mother always gives her son a good morning smile. What a luxury to be able to wake up with her every day!

11. Mothers, in your hands you have the salvation of the world. Leo Tolstoy
See how important a role mothers have as this Russian novelist describes them as superheroines who have to safeguard the world. What a complicated task!

12. A mother's love is like peace. It doesn't need to be acquired, it doesn't need to be earned. Erich fromm
Few things will find children throughout their lives as unconditional as the love their mothers feel for them. And is that often this feeling is above everything, even what is right and what is wrong.

13. Most mothers are instinctive philosophers. Harriet Beecher Stowe
You know ... mothers are always right! And, without having studied any degree, their advice is the wisest they will ever give you. We should pay a little more attention to them ...

When her birthday arrives, we want our mother to feel like the most special person on planet Earth, right? Dedicate some of these loving phrases to him so that he will NEVER forget.

14. Long live my mom! Long live on your birthday!
The enthusiasm and joy of the children is infinite. For this reason, in the dedication you make to the mother, you have to print part of this happiness and childish innocence.

15. On your birthday ... congratulations mom!
Sometimes simple words are the ones that have the most meaning and strength. Congratulations to all the moms who have a birthday!

16. There is only one birthday that I like more than mine, my mother's!
If there is something that children look forward to 364 days, it is their birthday. But they sure also have a great time on their mother's anniversary. And it is that, in the end, we involve the children so much in the parties that they become the happy protagonists.

17. You have another year being the best mom in the universe
Dedicate a few words of admiration and appreciation to your mother to make her see how special she is.

A gift from a child always makes a mother excited, but the emotion is even more overwhelming when it is accompanied by sincere words full of affection. If you have run out of inspiration, here are some dedications with which you can accompany any gift you want to make to the mother of the family. By the way, you don't have to wait for it to be her birthday or Mother's Day. Any day is a good day to give Mom a little detail.

18. I want the person who cares the most for me to have this gift; It's you mom!
Moms and dads put a lot of effort into giving their children everything they need. A thank you phrase that acknowledges your great effort will make you very excited.

19. Thinking of what to give you, try to wrap one of our smiles. But since it was impossible for me ... I ended up choosing this other gift!
I'm going to tell you a secret ... Smiles can be gifted! You just have to wear them on your face and dedicate them to those people who deserve or need them.

20. I hope you like it as much as I like to play with you
If there is one that children value in their parents, it is spending time with them. There is nothing better than family games ... We should plan them more often!

21. Of your son, the one who loves you the most
Well of course! We love you very much, moms.

If there is something fun in this world, it is the spontaneity and joy of children. Inspired by them, we propose some funny phrases to make a mother laugh.

22. Even if I don't let you sleep at night, do some mischief and get on your nerves from time to time ... I love you very much, Mom!
Taking care of a child is not easy (sleepless nights, tiredness, infinite patience ...) but it is worth it, because your unconditional love restores everything.

23. Why are you the best mom in the world? Because you are mine!
Plain and simple. Mine is the best mother in the world!

24. 'Bundle up', 'Have your juice quickly', 'Don't go barefoot' ... You always repeat these things to me. But what I say to you today, mom, is: I love you!
Because sometimes we are so immersed in the day to day, in the orders, in what we have to do, that we forget to tell ourselves the most important thing: I love you!

25. Thank you for finding everything that I miss
It is already known that one of the most typical phrases of mothers is 'as I go and find it ...'

Any mother in the universe will be very excited to find a small paper in her drawer that contains one of these verses scribbled by her children. You will be thrilled for sure.

26. Excerpt from 'Attached to me' by Gabriela Mistral

Shaky little weed

amazed to live,

don't let go of my chest:

Fall asleep attached to me!

27. Excerpt from 'Mother, take me to bed' by Miguel de Unamuno

What does the song say, my mother,

what does the song say?

Don't say, my son, pray

say words of honey;

say dream words

that they say nothing without him.

28. Excerpt from 'Madre mía' by Rafael Escobar Roa

When the eyes to life opened,

at the beginning of my earthly career,

the beautiful light I saw for the first time

It was the light of your eyes, my mother!

29. Excerpt from 'Mom, the best word'

I can say mom is the best word

because I don't just tell the person

who gave me life, but the one who gave

life for me, that in sleepless nights

there was always light for me.

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And as an extra to all these dedications, in We propose some very special gifts, those that cannot be bought in any shopping center.

30. A hug from those of true love
There are many types of hugs, but there are none for any mother in the world like her son. Therefore, a hug is the most magical gift that can be given to a mommy. And do you know the best? It does not need you to wrap it or prepare it, so you can give it at any time.

31. The longest kiss in the world
How long do you think a child can endure giving his mother a kiss? A lot, right? In a small box with the shape of a heart (like the one we teach how to make here) give him a note on which he says: 'We give you the longest kiss in the world'. Next, give Mom a kiss on the cheek that lasts at least 1 minute!

32. A whole afternoon of family games without getting angry between siblings
It seems like a silly gift, however, this is one of those details that can make a mother the most illusion and they do not cost a penny. You can all commit to having fun together playing as a family, and it is not worth getting angry! Mom sure enjoys being with the children and appreciates the effort they make to put crying and tantrums aside. Is it possible?

33. A lovingly recited poetry
A gift that all mothers love is poetry. You can learn a beautiful poem among the whole family and then recite it to mom when she least expects it. It will make you look forward to it. PS: you may drop a tear of emotion.

Thanks for everything moms!

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