9 inspiring phrases from María Montessori to consider as parents

9 inspiring phrases from María Montessori to consider as parents

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You have surely heard of the Montessori method. It is an educational form that is very successful around the world for the learning strategies it proposes. To let you know a little more about this method, we have collected some Maria Montessori quotes that all parents should take into account when deciding on one educational method or another. You will see that they are certainly inspiring.

Maria Montesori, was a Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Rome in 1986 whose career took a 360 degree turn after becoming a psychiatric assistant at the Psychiatric Clinic of her university and observing a serious pedagogical problem in the care system for children who required special care due to their particular cognitive conditions.

Since then, he set out to change the landscape and look for a teaching-learning method with which children could nurture themselves at their own pace, with the necessary stimulation and care. Developing the Montessori method, which spread to regular schools in Italy and the rest of the world, becoming one of the most successful pedagogical methods even today.

Among some of the most important bases on which this educational method is based is the fact that children learn better through practice and play, since their reasoning capacity is still developing. Through proper exploration, they are able to develop their age-appropriate sensory, cognitive, and motor skills so that they can cope with the world around them in a positive way.

Without a doubt, the greatest contribution that this great pedagogue left us, apart from her teaching and learning method, is the courage to never give up. Looking at the world in a different way is perhaps the best way to find a solution to a complication.

With that perspective, I leave you some of the most inspiring phrases of María Montessori that have endured over time:

1. 'The greatest instinct of children is precisely to free themselves from the adult'
For children, impositions are seen as a form of punishment and repression, even if they have a positive background. Children only seek to express themselves and explore the world with total freedom, to make their own opinions of it. This need for liberation is what this phrase by María Montessori speaks of.

2. 'The child, guided by an inner teacher, works tirelessly with joy to build man. We educators can only help. Thus we will bear witness to the birth of the new man '
The best way to collaborate with adequate child development is to provide all the necessary elements for it and contribute with a positive stimulation based on attention, respect for the childhood stages and love.

3. 'Any unnecessary help is an obstacle to development'
Training autonomous children is essential for them to become independent adults. The Montessori method encourages parents and teachers to strive to convey to children the importance of autonomy.

4. 'The child who has the freedom and opportunity to manipulate and use his hand in a logical way, with consequences and using real elements, develops a strong personality'
It is not just about letting the child explore without having a guide, because this can give way to selfishness and future anarchy. We must teach that every decision has consequences that must be assumed.

5. 'To touch the child is to touch the most delicate and vital point, where everything can be decided and renewed, where everything is full of life, where the secrets of the soul are locked, that is where the education of the man of tomorrow is elaborated '
To teach a child, you have to put yourself in the child's place. Maintain your level and seek in the game, that possibility of nutritious and functional education that is adapted over the years.

6. 'The greatest sign of a teacher's success is being able to say: Now children work as if I didn't exist'
The purpose in the Montessori method is always to promote independence, so that children can adapt the environment to their particular situation in a beneficial way for themselves.

7. 'The child who has increased his own independence with the acquisition of new abilities, can only develop normally if he has freedom of action'
Although we are scared, we cannot restrict children's freedom of exploration. Including sensitive topic education, which we tend to label as just 'adult issues'.

8. 'The best teaching is the one that uses the fewest words necessary for the task'
The simpler the instructions, the children will be able to grasp and adapt them in the future, because they can understand their meaning.

9. 'Movement helps psychic development and this development is expressed in turn through movement and action'
It is not just about locking them in a room with a book, but about making teaching dynamic, colorful and fun. This way they can see learning as something fun that they always want to look for, instead of avoiding it.

The essence that María Montessori pursued with this pedagogical method was to make it possible for it to help the little ones in their childhood development, so that they could adapt to whatever scenario they were in front of them.

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