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Meaning of the name Jorge. Name for boys

If you are thinking of giving the name Jorge to the baby you are expecting and that is about to be born, then gives us a lot of details and tells us many curiosities about this beautiful name for boys or men. According to some studies, children named Jorge are usually hard-working, loyal, honest and very charismatic. It is a famous name for all the history that surrounds it. It is surely a pretty wise choice.

The name Jorge became very popular in the Middle Ages, starting with the crusades of the 11th century, especially because of the fame of Saint George. Its origin dates back to ancient Greece in which the term Georgos ('geo' and 'ergon') were used. The term 'geo' comes from land, while 'ergon' comes from a worker, so Georgos refers to everything that works with the land, that is, a farmer. It was a very used name, that over time, happened to be called Jorge.

The meaning of the name Jorge is closely related to his past, to working with the land. It comes from Geo and Ergon or 'he who works the land', the man who sows, tills, cultivates and reaps. A humble and hardworking man.

The saints of the name Jorge are celebrated on April 23. This day is marked on the calendar in many areas of the world, since it is the big day of several areas. This is the case, for example in Catalonia (in Spain) where Sant Jordi's day is celebrated. Being Book Day, it is typical to give a rose and a book to your loved ones. But St. George's Day is also celebrated with enthusiasm in England, where he is the patron.

Jorge is a masculine name of Greek origin

  • Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine writer (1899-1986)
  • Jorge Guillén, Spanish poet (1893-1984)
  • Jorge Sanz, Spanish actor (1969)
  • George Lucas, American film director (1944)
  • George Michael, British singer (1963-2016)
  • Jorge Cafrune, Argentine musician (1937-1978)
  • Jorge Amado, Brazilian writer (1912-2001)
  • George Clooney, American actor (1961)
  • Gorka Iraizoz, footballer (1981)
  • Jordi Pujol, Spanish politician (1930)
  • Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Spanish writer (1947)
  • Jürgen Habermas, German sociologist and philosopher (1929)
  • George Washington, the first president of the United States between 1789 and 1797. (1732-1799)
  • Prince George of Cambridge (2013)

Numerology can help you discover the main character traits of your child according to the sum of the numbers corresponding to each letter of his name. According to numerology the name Jorge corresponds to the number 1. Know the positive and negative features of the name Jorge:

- Positive features: who are leading people. From a young age, they are children who exert a great influence on others. It is not surprising that they are the most popular in their class and that the other children get carried away by their initiative. They are curious, restless children.

- Negative features: that they are children who tend to disperse their interests. They are capable of getting everything they want from their parents and are characterized by overusing emotional blackmail. They are temperamental, so parents should educate them with limits.

There are many parents who go for compound names. If you want one of those names to be Jorge, take note of the combinations that best match other names.

  • Jorge Miguel
  • Jorge David
  • Jorge Jose
  • Jorge Luis
  • Jorge Arturo
  • Jorge Alberto

Know the variants in other languages ​​or other languages, of this beautiful name:

  • Jorge in Albanian: Jordan
  • Jorge in German: Georg, Jörg, Jürgen, Jorn, Jurgen, Gorgel, Görries, Görris, Jeorg, Jorg, Gorg, Gerg
  • Jorge in Austrian: Georg
  • Jorge in Catalan and Valencian: Jordi
  • Jorge in Chinese: 豪尔赫
  • Jorge in Danish: Jørgen, Georg, Jørn, Jörn, Jorck, Jorre, Jory, Joris
  • Jorge in Basque: Jurgi (traditional), Gorka (neologism)
  • Jorge in French: Georges
  • Jorge in Greek: Georgos
  • Jorge in English: George
  • Jorge in Irish: Seoirse
  • Jorge in Icelandic: Jörgen, Georg
  • Jorge in Italian: Giorgio
  • Jorge in Latin: Georgius
  • Jorge in Norwegian: Georg, Jörgen
  • Jorge in Portuguese: Jorge
  • Jorge in Russian: Хорхе
  • Jorge in Basque: Gorka

Legend has it that the city of Silca (Libya) lived in terror of a great dragon that frightened everyone and caused damage to the population and animals. To reassure him, the inhabitants of the town agreed to give the dragon a person in sacrifice and for this, every day, a raffle was held in which the person to be delivered to the dragon was chosen.

One of those days bad luck fell to the king's daughter, a beautiful young woman much admired by the townspeople. Seeing the king's suffering, many citizens offered to replace the princess, but the king refused to let others have to pay for his daughter's fate. In addition, he was aware that his daughter was part of the town and therefore had to follow the rules that had been agreed so far.

The princess walked slowly in the direction of the great dragon. Suddenly, when he least expected it, a young armored knight appeared on a white horse. Upon seeing him, the princess informed him of the dangers he could suffer being in that place, but the knight refused to abandon her and told him that he was there to save her and all the inhabitants of the town.

This knight named Jorge, faced the dragon as soon as it appeared. They fought a great battle until the knight slammed a great spear into the dragon's chest. From the blood shed by the dragon, a beautiful rose bush was born, which Jorge gave to the princess after winning the battle.

Thus was born the tradition that, on April 23, Saint George's Day, all lovers give a rose to their girlfriends. If you want to read to your children the complete story of Saint George the dragon, click here, in SAINT JORGE AND THE DRAGON.

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