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The 7 fears that all parents have for their children (including you)

As parents, I am sure that we have experienced more than one fear (and more than two) because of our thoughts for our children. The fear of our children is nothing more than our own insecurity reflected in their actions. Insecurity that if we analyze would lead us to ask ourselves, really, What are we afraid of? In We have made a small list with some of the most common fears that all parents have for their children.

Before responding, we will observe that fear is not only of physical harm or of something specific happening to it. Fear is sometimes reflected in emotional states that we have experienced and from which we want to save or protect our children. Here are some of them:

1. Fear that you don't feel unique
As spiritual leader Osho says: “We are not superior or inferior or even equal. We are limited edition ”. For this reason, comparisons are rarely fair, simply because we are not on a level playing field.

Encourage your child to express his full potential and talents so that he feels strong in his own abilities. Don't compare him to other kids, just do it to himself.

2. Fear that I don't know how to be alone
Or what is also the same, fear that he is not independent, or fear that he does not know how to enjoy himself and his own company.

It is a compulsory subject to nurture the self-esteem of our children, make them believe in them, teach them to trust ... For this, it is important that they know how to be alone and, in addition, enjoy it. Present and future relationships will depend on the level of self-love that they know how to develop throughout their lives. Please emphasize this subject.

3. Fear that he will not be accepted by his friends
In our children's lives, people will come and go, and we must prepare them for it. We must teach them that we cannot be liked by everyone, but also not to do what we do not want them to do to us. Example: not inviting certain classmates to the birthday party, how would your child feel if they did this to him?

Empathy will be the best tool to teach to face this fear.

4. Fear that he will not make the right decisions
Our children will meet again and again, with decision making. Sometimes, they will be clear about the path to choose, but there will be others, who will be carried away either by us, the parents, or by their friends. And we already know that there will be friends of all kinds, so, let's teach our children to make decisions for themselves and to value the good in each person around them.

It is important to emphasize to our children that they should be the person they want to be, and that they do not try to be others for the simple fact of being liked by others.

5. Fear that I don't know how to say NO
Together with the previous fear, learning to say NO will lead to teaching them not to play the role of victim, but rather to be the protagonists of their lives and their history. We must remind them that all actions carry consequences. And what will happen what they want to happen to build their destiny, they have the power of decision and the power to say NO when appropriate and they feel like it. Again, having good self-esteem will help empower our children.

6. Fear of living in fear
"Life begins where fear ends." Don't pass on your fears to your child, because that will limit, paralyze, trap or belittle him. Teach him to be brave and to face any situation, for this, show him all the good things that the following values ​​can provide us: trust, security, inner power, courage, strength ...

As we said at the beginning, what are we afraid of? Well, the answer is, we are afraid of our own fear because we do not know what it will bring us or how it will manifest, but I assure you that what we imagine is always worse than reality. TRUST.

7. Fear that they don't want it
And we have reached the great fear… the fear that we all… all… have. Fear of not feeling loved. Fear that they will not accept us as we are. And here, again, self-esteem will have played a great role, because many of us create masks to adapt our personality to what others tell us, just for the fact of being loved.

Show your child the way of LOVE himself and others. In this way, you will be showing him the way to FREEDOM.

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