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Asthma in Children, Educational Videos and Tips

Asthma in children is a common disease that appears from childhood. The most recognizable symptoms are shortness of breath with prolonged and wheezing aspiration.

This chronic bronchial disease affects more and more children, limiting them to perform physical activities that require greater effort and, therefore, they are always aware and constantly alert in case they have an asthmatic attack.

We offer you a series of educational videos on childhood asthma. In each of them you will find valuable information and numerous tips about asthma, so that you can better understand this disease and take care of the health of children.

Symptoms of childhood asthma. Signs that a child is having an asthma attack. In this video, Olga Cortés, pediatrician with the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, helps us identify the most recurrent symptoms of childhood asthma. What we have to observe at the time of an asthmatic crisis.

Types of asthma in children. What types of asthma children can have, at what age it can appear and what is the prognosis. 1 in 10 children has asthma. Pediatrician explains the prognosis for asthma according to the age at which it appears. It also explains how to tell if your child's symptoms are due to asthma.

Care of pregnant women with asthma. How should an asthmatic woman take care of herself during her pregnancy? Dr. Olga Cortés recommends what you should do so that you do not feel short of breath during pregnancy. In this video on our site you will find the answers to all your questions about asthma in pregnancy.

Diagnosis of childhood asthma. In this video on our site you will find all the answers about how asthma is diagnosed in children, what symptoms an asthmatic child has, how to cope with an asthma attack, wheezing, as well as how we can prevent it from the stage of pregnancy.

Control childhood asthma in 5 steps. Symptoms of childhood asthma can be controlled. All asthmatic children can be in good respiratory health. In this video, pediatrician Olga Cortés tells us five steps to help children control their disease, and to be able to breathe calmly.

What allergens cause childhood asthma. In this educational video you will be able to find out which allergens have a higher incidence when it comes to causing childhood asthma. Some substances that cause allergies in children can trigger childhood asthma. Dr. Olga Cortés teaches us to identify them.

How to react to an asthma attack. How should parents and children react to an asthmatic crisis? The pulmonologist Olga Cortés explains what we have to do and how to react to an asthmatic crisis in our children. How to relieve asthma symptoms in children. How to control an asthmatic attack.

How to prevent asthma. Can asthmatic attacks in children be prevented? How to avoid asthma in children? How can I reduce asthma symptoms in my child? In this video, we offer you the advice of the pulmonologist Olga Cortés about childhood asthma and its consequences in children.

Effects on the baby of smoking in pregnancy. Is it true that smoking in pregnancy can cause asthma in the baby? Dr. Olga Cortes of the AEP removes us from doubts. Risks of smoking in pregnancy. The effects of the smoking habit of the pregnant woman for the unborn baby. It can cause a delay in the growth of the fetus.

Treatment and control of asthma in children. What is the asthma treatment for children? Can we control the asthmatic attacks of the little ones? The pulmonologist Olga Cortés shows us how to avoid triggers and teaches us how to use rescue drugs. How to cope with a childhood asthma attack.

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Video: Pediatric Asthma Pediatrics. Lecturio (September 2020).