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A bunny like the others. Children's story about the power of love

The protagonist of this childish story is Bunny, a very special rabbit who becomes suspicious when he receives the ridicule and contempt of the rest of the forest animals. However, when he begins to feel loved, things change. By reading this story with a happy ending, you will be able to reflect with the children on the consequences of our teasing on other people, but also on the great strength and power that love has. Without love there is nothing!

Behind the story, you will find some reading comprehension questions to find out if the children have understood what this short story is talking about.

He was born without skin, with closed eyes and a pink color, like all the bunnies in the world, but from the first moment He knew that his life was different from that of others. He did not live in a burrow, he did not have a family like the other rabbits in the forest, he was hungry and lonely and helpless, but despite his fragility, miraculously, he was surviving.

- Can you give me something to eat? I'm hungry - he said to some mice that were eating there.

- Sure - they said.

But he was only able to get close to eat the crumbs once they were away.

- Can I play with you? - He asked other rabbits in the forest.

- Yes, of course - they answered - we are playing hide and seek, you keep it! He was looking for them for more than an hour, but the rabbits did not appear. Used to deceit and lies, Bunny became suspicious And with each passing day, Bunny only dreamed of being a bunny like the others.

At night, Bunny had nightmares, and several voices came out in the darkness of the forest that said with contempt:

- Shut up now! Stop nagging dwarf rabbit! Let us sleep in peace!

And there came a time when Bunny did not open his mouth again even in his dreams, and was speechless. Also, as the noises of the night frightened him, he became very fearful.

And with each passing day, Bunny only dreamed of being a bunny like everyone else. A wild boar was passing through the forest, shouting loudly at him every day as he passed him:

- Get out of my way! You're just getting in the way! Get out of here!

And he shouted so much that Bunny's ears fell down, and little by little he became deaf.

And every day that passed Bunny only dreamed of being a bunny like the others.

Over time, as no one seemed to see him if it was not to yell at, lie or mistreat him, Bunny too became invisible and decided to leave that forest where no one wanted him.

And with each passing day, Bunny only dreamed of being a bunny like everyone else.

Bunny was shivering at night, scared, in the other forest, when he heard a sweet voice:

- What's wrong Bunny? What's wrong?

But Bunny didn't move.

- Have you missed Bunny? - The voice asked again.

Then he saw that there was a white rabbit with long ears who was looking at him puzzled.

Bunny, distrusting, began to move his ears and pay a little attention.

- Are you cold? - Told him. And the rabbit seeing him so helpless, grabbed him by the ears and gently pulling him led him to his burrow.

There were two other bunnies there who looked at him curiously when they saw him enter.

- Are you hungry? - The two bunnies told him, offering him some seeds.

And bunny, at the same time that he nodded timidly, almost without voice, said yes, ceasing to be mute. As he was hungry, he ate voraciously, and for the first time in his life he experienced the feeling of well-being that comes from having a full stomach.

- Don't go, bunny - the rabbits told him - stay to live with us.

From that day on, Bunny began to feel loved and, over time, he stopped being distrustful, mute, deaf, and was never invisible again.

Finally his dream of being a bunny like the others was fulfilled; he had a family who loved him and he lived in a nice den.

After reading the story, we propose some true or false questions that will help you to check if your child has understood the true message of the story.

1. The bunny knew from the beginning that his life was not like the rest.

2. All the forest animals were very friendly and loving with the protagonist of this story.

3. A white rabbit decided to take Bunny to his burrow.

4. Despite the love of the rabbit, Bunny did not leave never to be mute.

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