The Benefits of Drumming for Kids

The Benefits of Drumming for Kids

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'Battery?! What do you want to play drums? And don't you like a less noisy instrument like the flute or the triangle? ' It is certain that when you asked the child, before pointing him out in music class, what instrument he wanted to play, it hadn't even crossed your mind that he was going to ask you to put a drums at home. It is true that it can be absolute torture in the first years of learning, however, if your child has taken to joining the percussion, he has made an excellent choice for him (not so much for the ears of the neighbors).

On our site we tell you the benefits of playing the drums from children, so that at least when you have to endure the blows you know that they are for a good cause.

1- Some research assures that playing the drums amplifies the structural and functional plasticity of the brain. This helps them improve reading and writing skills during the early years of school.

2- Playing the drums is not making noise. Percussion instruments are considered the oldest: the drums and timpani come from Africa and China, while the cymbals come from Turkey, and the bass drum from Europe.

The first sounds of jazz come from a kind of drums that were played by several people, so the rhythm is in the blood and not everyone knows how to get it out. If your child is one of those who is slapping his legs and clicking with his mouth all day, let him open up to his instincts. Drums are one of the instruments where we can express ourselves the most.

3- Improves body and mind coordination, since the hands and feet move independently and at the same time, so it is a true psychomotor exercise.

4- Helps improve languageSince drums are the heart of music and by understanding it we are also understanding the essence of rhythm and music. We also exercise memory by remembering chords and scores.

5- It relieves us of stress and anxiety, improves our mood and lets us express ourselves freely.

6- Improves your ability to concentrate and attention.

7- Improve your social skills, having to be included in a group in which you must coordinate.

8- inculcate them perseverance to achieve your goal Being a drummer for a rock group!

So, after this information, are you going to buy a battery for the next birthday?… Good luck!

It is a very fun craft with recycling material for children. A way to create homemade musical instruments, made to enjoy and learn. To do these maracas, you will need:

  • 2 cans of soda
  • Balloons
  • Pair of scissors
  • Lentils
  • Invoice
  • Scotch tape

To begin with, we remove the rings from the cans. Then, we roll them up on the folio to create our funnel and fasten the end with some masking tape. When they are well closed, we will pour the lentils into each of the cans through the funnel. Next, we cut a balloon in half and put the widest part on the top of the can, fixing it with adhesive tape. We will continue cutting pieces of balloons of different colors to decorate the cans.

Once we have them ready we will place them around the cans. And the result is very beautiful and colorful. We just turned some soda cans into two fun colored maracas for the kids.

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