Top 5 toys loved by children and hated by parents

Top 5 toys loved by children and hated by parents

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Nooooo! Your son / daughter has just been given a huge construction set, karaoke, a hair salon with plasticine or a thousand beads to make bracelets for their birthday. Are you sure those parents aren't getting revenge on something? We tell you what are the toys loved by children and hated by parents!

We have all been children at one time and we have all wanted that gift that was fashionable and that all the children in the class or in the urbanization had. Sometimes we were lucky that it fell on our birthday, but other times, our parents refused. Why would it be? Now that you have kids, you get it, right?

1. Interactive toys
If your kids are thinking of having an interactive friend at home, consider it! You still have time to sit down and convince them that it is not the best idea. Because, after you read the list of inconveniences that we have prepared for you, you will only wish you had them outside your home!

- You have to do a master's degree to take care of them or watch a lot of youtube videos to understand how they work. Yes, they come with an instruction manual, but it is of little or no use.

- Some of them require extreme care that stresses even the most phlegmatic parent. Not when your son was born!

- If you neglect them, they can die and you already have the drama staged at home! They forgive you small oversights, but you will have the impression that you had had one more child. Welcome, you are already a large family!

2. Toys with small parts
Games that contain balls, beads, or building pieces are also a source of parental despair. The pieces always end up all over the floor and you wear yourself out asking them to please pick it up! But there are more drawbacks that parents put to these types of gifts:

- Those little colored plastic bricks seem harmless, right? Well, stepping on a piece of Lego causes inhuman pain. Believe it or not, this has its scientific basis. The pieces are so strong that all your strength is concentrated in a small point of contact, causing intense, stabbing pain in an area that has 200,000 nerve endings. This is what makes you swear in Aramaic!

- Because there are always missing pieces to finish the construction. Yes, that piece that you will be looking for for hours and will appear the day you move house!

3. Toys that make a hellish noise
This category is the one that you will spend the most pain relievers with. Was it necessary a microphone to sing (badly) your favorite songs in which you can also distort your voice thanks to thousands of "fun" effects? But this is not the worst:

- Did you really think that if you bought them a flute, a drums or a piano they would become virtuosos of music?

- Giving an instrument to a child without knowing musical language so that he can play it "freely" is one of the greatest torture that you will undergo in your life.

4. Play dough, slime, finger paints, glitter, or squishy
Seriously? A plasticine ice cream parlor? Yes, it sounds cool, but you will know what it is like to have clay on the carpet, the curtains or the sofa in your house. My son even had green plasticine inside his ear and he had to go to the ENT to have it removed under a microscope!

They are very fans of making slime too, and the more it is kept, the more they like it !!! But let's face it:

- You will spend hours removing globs from the plastic pieces that serve as a mold to make the plasticine shapes.

- The beauty of the beginning lasts a game session. Then they will mix all the colors and a shapeless ball of a color that we will not define better will appear.

- Paint on the door frames, slime under the bed ... and what about the glitter? Very cheap and of all colors, it will enter your house and spread throughout all the fabrics ... And being dust, it will be more difficult to clean ... Anyway, whoever came up with it, surely he had no children!

5. Drones and flying objects
Nooooo! Again to the neighbor's house! Drones are loaded by the devil. Apart from being very delicate, they will fly to unexpected places and you will have to call the telephones with a face of haste. Do some of these situations sound familiar to you?

- They hang from trees and on rooftops.

- They can hurt themselves with their propellers.

- They last less than a candy at the school door.

- They may land on someone else's head.

Yes, yes, all these toys triumph among the little ones, but for parents they are a real headache, right?

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