12 months 12 values ​​to educate our children

12 months 12 values ​​to educate our children

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Education in values ​​is the most valuable we can give our children and it is the one that will help them to be adults who try to be better people every day without causing harm to others.

There are many important values ​​that we must instill in children, but on our site, always aware of the importance of values ​​in education, we have created a campaign called 12 months 12 values ​​to educate our children. Throughout an entire year, we will help you reinforce these principles in our children by working on a specific value each month.

Find out which values ​​we have highlighted as the most important for the education of our children and everything we have prepared to help you transmit certain principles to children.

January: Value of Gratitude. We present the campaign on our site: 12 months 12 values, in which we try to give you resources to educate your children in values. In January we focused on how to foster gratitude in children. We explain how you can make your child grateful and we also propose several children's activities so that your children can learn by playing.

February: Value of Respect. The value of respect for children. Respect is the consideration we have to have towards others, towards the common good, diversity of ideas, beliefs ... It is a very important value in the education of children. At we tell you how to promote the value of respect in children. Learn to respect others and respect yourself.

March: Value of friendship. We all know how important friends are, but how can we foster the value of friendship in children? We tell you what to do if the child is lonely and does not make friends, how to teach your child to take care of friends and other tips on friendship in childhood. We also offer you children's stories, fables and jokes about friends.

April: Courage of generosity. Learning to be generous, to share and to give to others, especially if they are less fortunate is an important lesson for our children. On our site we explain how to promote the value of generosity in children. You will find tips, stories about generosity, and tricks that will allow you to transmit this teaching to your children.

May: Value of solidarity. Tips to promote the value of solidarity in children. Solidarity is one of the essential values ​​that we must teach children. We give you tips so that you can educate your child in the value of solidarity. Why is solidarity important in the education of children?

June: Value of empathy. We give you some tips to promote the value of empathy in children. Educate your child in the value of empathy, a value that will bring countless benefits on a personal level and in their relationships with others. Remember that values ​​are fundamental pillars in the education of children.

Julio: Value of honesty. We give you some tips to promote the value of honesty in children. Teach your child from a young age the importance of a value that helps us gain trust with those closest to us. A value intimately linked to friendship. Discover how you can generate more honesty in your child.

August: Value of tolerance. We give you good advice to promote the value of tolerance in children, an essential value in the education of your child. Take advantage of all these tools to educate your child on the value of tolerance. Tolerance is essential to avoid problems or conflicts and improve your child's relationship with others.

September: Value of responsibility. Responsibility is a very important value when educating a child. With responsibility the child learns to resolve their conflicts, to set new goals and to be consistent with their actions. Assuming small responsibilities is essential for the child to develop correctly, both intellectually and emotionally.

October: Value of humility. In the month of October we propose to educate children in humility. We explain how you can make your child more humble. How to promote the value of humility in children.

November: Value of effort. In the month of November we want to emphasize the value of effort. We explain how you can get your child to recognize the value of effort to achieve their goals. How to promote the value of effort in children.

December: Value of love. Being loving to others is not always easy. Love is a value that we must instill in children, so from our site we want to promote the value of love. We give you tips, stories, tricks, names ... Everything related to love and affection, so that your children learn to be more affectionate with their family and friends.

1. Tolerance
It is very important that children learn to accept differences. Different opinions, criteria, cultures, races, religions, nationalities, etc. By accepting differences, children can build healthy and strong human relationships. The example of parents weighs heavily on children's learning.

2. Responsibility
Teach your children that everything, absolutely everything they do will have positive or negative consequences. That one will have to take responsibility in everything he says, speaks and does. Before speaking, think. Before doing, try to do it in the best way. In addition, this value is linked to the commitment to certain tasks and obligations.

3. Honesty
Being honest means being true and honest with yourself and with others. Being honest is not lying out of fear or convenience, it is admitting mistakes and mistakes, it is doing things for others without expecting anything in return. An honest person is trustworthy of others.

4. Kindness
It is important to instill kindness in the attitudes of children. Teach them to do good to others, to be kind to their fellow men, and to have a kind and generous demeanor. And above all, teach your children that everything good they do will have a positive return.

5. Collaboration
To introduce the learning of collaboration in the education of children, it is necessary to teach them basic skills such as tidying the room, clearing the table, placing their clothes, and other household tasks, always respecting their age ... These are skills that will help children in the future because they are basic for life and their future.

6- forgiveness
It is one of the most important values, which we must learn from a very young age. Learning to recognize mistakes and apologize is one way to make amends for the damage done. Teach your children to forgive and to ask for forgiveness when necessary.

7- Empathy
To educate children in empathy, it is first necessary to practice this value with them. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes, seeing things from someone else's point of view, or understanding others seems easy but needs practice and example. Forgiveness is a definite value to avoid doing gratuitous harm to others or understanding why others behaved in a certain way.

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