Do children's grades determine their intelligence?

Do children's grades determine their intelligence?

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Many parents and teachers focus on children's grades to determine their average intelligence and to take into account their academic development.

It is true that in order for them to achieve the objectives that are established in schools, it is necessary for children to take different types of tests and tests so that educational professionals know the type of attention that each child requires in terms of academic attention .

This is what is worked on in society, and parents on many occasions show their happiness or their dissatisfaction according to the type of grade that children receive in school, that is, according to the number they bring in the grades. This can affect children's self-esteem and motivation to achieve better results. But children are not numbers and their intelligence is not determined by grades.

Children are much more than numbers in the school bulletin, children are effort, will, perseverance, emotions and a long etcetera that goes much further than the numbers in the exams.

Children may be studying for an exam (effort, will, perseverance), but later in the exam they get nervous or do not answer exactly and the grade ends up being low and even a failure ... this does not determine that the child is better or worse in some subject, he simply determines that he needs to dedicate more time, change the form of study, psychopedagogical attention to be able to know learning strategies, etc.

But in no case will a bad grade determine a low intelligence, rather it is an alarm signal for parents to realize that their child needs guidance in that particular subject, because he may not like it as much as the others (but this does not means that it is more or less capable). And also, it is very likely that you need (emotional) motivation to be able to believe in yourself.

Emotional Intelligence plays a very important role in all this, because a child who does not have a well-developed Emotional Intelligence will not be a successful adult, since he will not know how to relate to others in an assertive way, with empathy and with good manners. .

That is why, both in schools and in homes around the world, it turns out that Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ.

Furthermore, a child whose emotions are damaged or whose emotional needs are not met will hardly be able to have a successful academic development, since they will not be happy. In order to develop well in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, a child needs above all to feel loved, respected, valued and happy.

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