The fears of children in school that are repeated the most

The fears of children in school that are repeated the most

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Fear is a basic emotion that occurs at all ages and stages of development. It is adaptive and evolves with age, maturity, and personal experiences. Among the most common childhood terrors we find the fear of the dark, monsters, noises, animals ...

But what about the fears of children at school? This is an experience that you will have to deal with almost on a daily basis. The role of adults is important in helping children overcome and manage their fears.

Children can express fear in various situations, even if they are familiar and habitual, such as school. We must be attentive to children's reactions and verbalizations when identifying if there is something that alters the child's emotional world, since when terrors are not overcome positively, and they intensify, they can lead to anxiety and phobias.

In the school environment, children can express fear for various and varied reasons.

1. Fear of school failure (to repeat a year, to fail, to do poor homework, to not know how to answer the teacher's questions ...)

2. Social fear (to be laughed at, not to have friends, to be rejected ...)

3. To physical discomfort

4. A the changes schoolchildren (stage, center ...)

School fear is one of the fears that can most affect the academic and social progress of children.

It is normal that when they start school, or at the beginning of the school year, especially when there are changes in stage or school, children have a certain fear. Nevertheless, if this fear lingers and intensifies, it can become a phobia or an excessive fear, which limits the school life of children.

There are obvious fears, such as the fear of animals, the dark, etc ... but there are others that are not so, and that is why you have to be attentive to the warning signs that can tell us that something is wrong. Among these signs, we find regressions, that is, behaviors and behaviors that do not correspond to the stage of development in which the child is; sleep problems, such as nightmares, awakenings, and nighttime fears; demotivation and apathy; or impulsiveness.

When facing school fear in children it is important try to identify the cause. There are several possibilities.

- Kids with learning difficulties, for example, they are afraid in the classroom to answer the teacher's questions, to speak in class, to go out to the blackboard, or to read aloud.

- Own child insecurity it is also a source of fear at school.

- It may also have occurred some unpleasant episode at school, although it is not important for adults, it is vital for the child.

- Fear of separation from reference adults, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to investigate and analyze what may be generating this fear in order to intervene on it. Depending on the cause of the fear, the intervention will be different.

When working on fears, it is convenient for adults to analyze what our responses are to those fears.

Sometimes parents tend to downplay these situations, believing that this is how we help children, or on the contrary, we become anguished and worry excessively. Adults have to give children security, so we must act calmly and calmly, but offering confidence.

We must not scold the child when you express your fear. We can help you by encouraging you to verbalize how you feel, and by giving you possible solutions to the situation, that is, a model to help you overcome those situations that scare you.

We can also help you with relaxation techniques, which help you reduce anxiety at key moments.

In any case, if these fears persist and are not overcome over time, it will be advisable to go to a professional to help the child, to guide the parents on how to intervene and to advise us on how to work with the school.

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