Guide to teaching children to search correctly on the Internet

Guide to teaching children to search correctly on the Internet

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More and more children use the internet to develop projects for school. Although they are digital natives, in general they do not use the different options that search engines offer to narrow their searches. There are a lot of symbols that, when typed together with the words that we type in the search box, they give us better results. We help you discover what these shortcuts are in order to teach children to search correctly and the internet.

If we know how to educate them in a responsible and above all safe use, the Internet can be an excellent tool for children to learn. In schools, through computer science classes, teachers show them the extensive knowledge that this platform offers.

From home, parents also owe a task: teach them to search for information correctly. Here we leave you some useful tricks, many of them you may use without realizing it in your day to day life, but others may have gone unnoticed. Today we all learn!

1. Capital letters and accents
First, tell them that they will find the same results whether they write in uppercase or lowercase. The same happens with and without accents, but always put them and thus write correctly.

If they want to find an exact phrase, they must put it in quotation marks. They will find exact matches with your search. For example, if you put "singer Rosalía" you will only see results for this singer. If you do not put it in quotes and write singer Rosalía, it will show you the searches for singer and Rosalía separately as well.

2. Minus sign
If you want to remove words that you do not want to appear in the results, you will have to add the minus symbol (-) in front of the word that you want to discard.

4. Asterisk
If you don't remember something you want to search for, you can use the asterisk symbol. It is useful, for example, to find the title of a song where one of the words is not remembered. You just have to replace the forgotten word with the asterisk.

5. Extension
If you want to find files in Word, Power point or pdf you can add the word filetype: followed by the extension they are looking for (ppt, pdf, xls, etc.).

6. Definitions
If they need to know what a word means, they should type in the search box define:followed by the word they want and they will get different descriptions of its meaning. Your search would be like this, define: platypus.

7. Date
If you want to find news or content that is recent, you can use the Tools Any date option. There they can select if the information is last minute, last day, last week, last year and they can also choose a time interval.

8. Language
They can also narrow the search by language in Tools.

9. Related pages
Related pages, those that contain content similar to others, will be found by typing the word related: followed by the address of a web page. It is ideal for research or documentation on the same topic. In this case the search would look like this: related: arqueologí

10. Numeric range
If you want to get certain results from a numerical range that interests you, you must typetwo points (..)between the numbers in the range they are looking for. For example: trips to London for 300 (..) 550 euros.

11. Images
If they need to find images, they can click on the bottom search toolbar and filter the results by size, color, type, publication date, or use rights. Adding the extension .png or .jpg will add the format they want to find.

12. Advanced search
There is another much more specific option, which is Advanced Search in which you can fill out an entire form to refine your search much more.

Encourage them to use these tricks, but above all teach your children to search correctly on the internet! It will come in handy for your homework!

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