Christmas costumes for babies

Christmas costumes for babies

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Fun and original proposals for Christmas costumes for babies


Even the little ones can enjoy the Christmas holidays by dressing up. With this Santa Claus costume, your baby will look like one more figure from the Nativity scene!

Traditions can also be recovered in the form of a costume. With this vintage dress your daughter will be beautiful to celebrate Christmas.

Like a Christmas tree, children love to wrap themselves in the colorful garlands that we place to decorate the house at Christmas. Help him put on some and you'll see how much fun!

Reindeer Christmas headbands have become very popular in recent years, because they are a simple and cheerful accessory that gives a Christmas touch, they are sure to be ideal for all children and babies.

It was an angel who announced the birth of the baby Jesus to the shepherds. That is why a good way to spend the holidays is to help your children make a costume like this one, with wings and a tunic you will turn them into authentic little angels.

The little elves accompany Santa Claus and prepare the gifts that are distributed at Christmas. Turn your child into one of Santa's helpers with this funny costume.

Turn your baby into a Christmas elf. With this simple costume your child will be the center of attention at family dinners during the holidays.

Have you dressed up your baby as Santa Claus? If you want to complete her outfit to make it more Christmas, you can still buy her a red pacifier or with Christmas motifs, to give it the final touch.

If Father dares to dress up as Santa Claus at Christmas, what better helpers than children? This complete costume will make children feel like real elves with pointed ears.

Every year the children deposit their illusions and wishes in Santa Claus, hoping that he will bring them many gifts. Therefore, surely the best place to sleep for your baby is nothing less than inside the Santa Claus hat.

If you think that your baby is a real Christmas angel, you can turn him into one with the help of this costume. With a wings like these your baby will be more tender than ever.

A pajama for your children to sleep feeling like an elf helper to Santa Claus, with this striped hat to keep them warm while they dream of the North Pole.

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