Card with 3D Christmas tree. Christmas pop up postcard

Card with 3D Christmas tree. Christmas pop up postcard

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You can do many activities at home with children with very little time and money, and without leaving home this Christmas. We suggest you make Christmas cards to congratulate your friends and family in an original and personalized way.

In We teach you to make a very curious and surprising Christmas postcard with the children. An original Christmas postcard with a pop-up effect, the kind that opens it to a large, very beautiful fir tree!


  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker
  • Star shaped stickers
  • Snowflake figure punch
  • Red, white, green, and yellow cardstock sheets
  • Pencil
  • Rule
  • Pair of scissors

Do you want to learn how to do this card with your children? We tell you the material that you will need and then the step by step of its preparation, with photos.

1. Start by choosing a gift wrap with Christmas motifs of your liking, and cut out a rectangle 27 cm long by 19 cm wide; Next, glue the rectangle of paper onto a red folio-size card. This will be the layer of the card.

2. Punch snowflake shapes on the white card. Flip the previous cardboard and glue the snowflakes forming a frame.

3. On the green card, cut out a rectangle 27 cm long by 19 cm wide and draw a vertical line in the middle. From this line draw the Christmas tree. For this you need to make 15 marks of 1cm on the center line. Start marking them from the bottom. Then draw a horizontal line 2 cm from the bottom edge with a length of 15 cm. Make sure you draw the line centered.

The next step is to join its ends with the last mark you painted on the vertical line; this way you will obtain the drawing of an equilateral triangle.

And finally, draw 12 horizontal lines inside the triangle using the marks you made at the beginning. It has to be like the one in this photo.

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4. Fold the green card in half leaving the lines out and cut all the horizontal lines with the scissors.

Re-stretch the green card and glue it centered on the red card, covering
the snowflakes slightly, but watch out! Do not put glue on the inside of the
equilateral rectangle that shapes the fir tree; This is essential to achieve the
pop up effect!

Close the card slightly and begin to fold the strips that have formed on the
green cardboard, some in and some out.

5. Go over the trunk of the Christmas tree with the black marker, and decorate with a yellow cardboard star and stickers.

And so you get an original Christmas card with a fir tree that has a pop effect!
up like this!

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