The danger of giving water to newborn babies under 6 months

The danger of giving water to newborn babies under 6 months

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We are used to doctors alerting us to the importance of drinking two liters of water a day to purify toxins, reduce joint pain, stay hydrated and have greater vitality and energy, but what about newborns? From what age should we give water to babies under six months?

When my daughters were born - one in August and another in April - my great concern was that they would not suffer any episodes of dehydration due to high temperatures. I remember that I consulted my pediatrician and he told me not to worry: "If the baby is thirsty, he will ask you to eat more." And that's what I did: increase the number of shots and put them on my chest whenever they asked me to.

Later, at six months, when I began with the complementary feeding, I began the introduction of solids and began to offer them water in a glass with a teat. And it seems that this is what, according to the experts, must be done, because the consequences for the baby health can have giving water to children under six months can be fatal.

The hyponatremia It occurs when the concentration of sodium in the blood has quite low levels and usually occurs, among other reasons, when you drink a lot of water. The kidneys of a newborn baby or one just a few months old are still somewhat immature and drinking water can cause poisoning as a result of an imbalance of electrolytes such as sodium.

The consequences of hyponatremia in infants they are seizures, spasms, nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, irritability and, in the most severe cases, death.

Give water to a baby under six months it can also affect your daily diet. His stomach is still very small and, by filling it with water, we are failing to introduce other nutrients important for his growth and physical and intellectual development. Your brain will receive the command that it is satiated and will not want to eat more.

One of the things that most worries mothers is knowing what happens to their baby. The crying It is a sign that something is wrong: either he is tired, or he is hungry, or his clothes are bothering him ... But how do you know if the baby is dehydrated? From GuĂ­ we have prepared a series of guidelines that will help you detect if your little one is dehydrated:

- Several hours have passed and you notice that the diaper is not wet.

- The color of your urine has changed and is darker in tone.

- He is restless and excessively nervous.

- You show symptoms of jaundice (yellowing of your skin).

- Their membranes are mucous in their eyes and, in their mouth, they are dry.

Before any of these signs, go to your health center to be examined and they can give you a more accurate diagnosis. And if you have any questions about introduction of water or other food, consult your pediatrician. He better than anyone can advise you on what is best for your baby!

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