Christmas stories with a moral for children

Christmas stories with a moral for children

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Christmas in family. Christmas parties with children

Selection of stories with a message to children about the true meaning of Christmas


Once upon a time there was a girl who was given a wooden Nutcracker for Christmas. When night came all the toys came to life. Some evildoers, like the King of the Mice, began to fight a battle between toys, but finally the little girl and the Nutcracker are victorious and he is transformed into a beautiful prince. They travel to the fairy kingdom where the prince and the fairy dance a beautiful dance and the girl returns to her world of reality.

Moral: You have to value people for who they really are, and not for what they appear.

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Once upon a time there was a very poor man very poor, so much so that he did not even have money to celebrate Christmas with his family. He thought he could make money by cutting down trees on the mountain and selling them, but nobody bought any from him. The man decided to give those fir trees to people who did not have money to buy Christmas trees and his efforts were finally rewarded because someone, never knew who, filled his table with food and left him a small tree to decorate his house.

Moral: good works to others will be rewarded, if not with material goods, if with the satisfaction of having been generous.

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Mr Scrooge was a tight-fisted character who hated Christmas, had a bad temper and treated his employees badly. One Christmas the spirit of his partner visited him and announced that three ghosts would come to visit him. One night the ghost of Christmas past arrived, the next night that of Christmas present and the last that of Christmas to come. The experience made him change his way of seeing Christmas and his neighbors.

Moral: each of the things we do has consequences. The future is not written, it all depends on how you act.

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Once upon a time there was an old woman who prepared a gingerbread cookie in the shape of a man, when she opened the oven to remove it, it ran away. A duck, a pig, a lamb and the old woman ran after him to eat it but they did not reach him. Finally a cunning fox managed, through trickery, to eat it.

Moral: You don't always win and there will always be someone smarter who will try to get away with it.

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This tale tells the story of a little matchmaker. The night before the end of the year, the girl had failed to sell any matches. Tired and freezing to death, she did not dare to go home, so she stayed in a corner trying to light up and warm herself with the matches she had. With each match, the girl saw a beautiful Christmas scene and finally saw her grandmother calling her to meet her in the stars.

Moral: we must be compassionate towards people who have less than us.

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As every year, the forest animals gathered under the Great Christmas Tree to decide what activities they would carry out that year: cooking recipes, Christmas carols, plays ... The performance for that year would be 'Let's save the forest', but at the time of distributing the roles everyone started to get angry because they wanted the leading role. Envy between them separated them and Christmas decided to leave. Upon realizing this, everyone reconsidered and asked for forgiveness.

Moral: envy is a feeling that prevents us from being happy and going ahead with our projects.

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