A very special chocolate. A tale about tolerance

A very special chocolate. A tale about tolerance

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This beautiful tale, authored by Eva Maria Riber, winner of the Short Story Contest of AMEI (World Association of Early Childhood Educators), tells us about such important values ​​to introduce in the education of children, such as equality, tolerance for others and the common good, and respect for differences.

Through stories, parents and educators can transmit moral values ​​that will teach children to be good people.

- Mommy, Mommy, a new girl came to school today.

- Good darling, did you play with her?

- No mommy, I bit her.

- Did you bite her? But why did you do it? The new girl will be very sad.

- Mommy, I wanted to try it.

- Try it?

- Yes mommy, the new girl is made of chocolate and other children called her black.

- Chocolate? Black? Oh! Honey, I understand. Come, come over, sit next to me, I want to tell you a story ...

Look, many years ago, in a very distant country, there was a small village in which its inhabitants lived very sad because the Sun shone so bright every day that they only had the night to go outside their homes. Children couldn't go to school, parents couldn't go to work ...

- But mommy, today the sun was shining strong too and we went to school ...

- You're right honey, but look, listen ...

In that village, in addition to shining very brightly, the Sun burned so much that the fields were without flowers, the rivers dried up and if its rays touched the skin of the villagers it caused terrible burns. Then one day a little girl like you said to her mom:

- Mommy, tonight I will look for the Sun Lord and I will ask him please to stop burning our fields, drying up our rivers and damaging our skin. He does not scare me, the night will protect me and I will cover myself very well.

The girl very slowly climbed a great mountain, waiting without fear for the Sun Lord to appear on the horizon.

- Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun!

- Who wakes me up so early? It has not dawned yet - Lord Sun's voice was a bit hoarse but the girl was not scared and continued calling him ...

- Lord Sun, Lord Sun, please stop burning my people!

Then the Sun Lord opened his bright and big eyes, surprised to see a little girl wrapped in cloth of many colors, waking him up so early.

- What are you doing here little girl? Why are you wearing those fabrics? I can hardly see you. Shouldn't you be in school? - Mr. Sun asked him a little disgusted.

Then the girl explained in detail the reason for her visit.

- If I take off these fabrics, you will burn my fair skin and it will hurt a lot.

Mr. Sun was very thoughtful and after a few minutes, for which the girl waited patiently, he said:

- You are very brave, and you have a big heart because you have not only come for you, so I am going to make you a gift.

He looked in a pocket of his great radiant ball, taking out of it some bags that he handed to the girl saying:

- Look, inside these bags there are small magic shields that will protect your skin and all the inhabitants of your village. Your skin will darken and will always be protected against my strong rays. For your fields and your rivers, I will send my friends the clouds so that they prepare the rainy seasons and do not forget your village.

The little girl thanked Lord Sun for all his gifts and hurried towards the village.

The next day, all the inhabitants of the village had already put on their skin the small magic shields that would protect them from the strong solar rays. Their skin darkened, they were radiant! And the village returned to normal.

- Mommy, then, my little friend comes from a distant country?

- Surely dear, your grandparents or your ancestors came from places where the Sun Lord burns a lot and a thin layer of his skin darkens to protect them. That's why you thought your little friend was made of chocolate.

- Thanks mom, tomorrow I will give many kisses to my new friend, I will ask her forgiveness and we will play together. You know mommy, her face was beaming.


1. Why has one girl bitten another at school?

2. What did you understand about the story that her mother told her daughter?

3. What has the girl learned from her mother's story?

4. What decision has the girl made after the story?

5. What have you learned from this story?

Eva Maria Riber Herráez She is a Spanish teacher and currently works in a religious school arranged with boys and girls from 3rd grade. He is fascinated by his work and writing stories and poetry for children. She is the mother of three girls with whom she learns and is inspired, and the grandmother of two beautiful children. She dedicates this story to all those children who are unjustly insulted or rejected. This story was the winner in the International Short Story Competition for education in values, carried out by the AMEI.

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